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Unintentional Fussy Eater!

One thing that has always been very prominent in my life is a love of food; the second most prominent thought always on my mind is ‘Don’t eat all the food’. A balance I’m sure many can relate too! Being a complete foodie I enjoy reading cook books in bed whilst my partner dips into a Science-fiction novel, I spend my Sundays in a Come Dine with me coma or scribbling away on a notepad whilst watching a celebrity chef try to teach me restaurant standard food in 3 easy steps. I email my mum regular photos of my dinner and (this is where I get it from) she sends me extensive emails full of recipes and food they have eaten since moving to France!

Needless to say I am simply excited by food!

I was bought up with a lot of vegetarian foods and also a very healthy balanced diet! Pack lunch boxes at school had crisps, white bread sarnies and a banana…mine had homemade veg soup in a flask, grilled chicken drum sticks, veggie packed pasties and big fruit salads. I was embarrassed at the time but now I’m grateful as I enjoy cooking homemade dishes for my partner.

Just to make life even more exciting I’m also lactose intolerant…this is why I am now an unintentional fussy eater. I have gone from being the sort of person who could shut my eyes in a restaurant, plonk my finger down on the menu and happily eat whatever fate gave me…now I scan for the “V” sign then I have to narrow it down to the cream free options, then I do a quick scan for which is the healthiest and that is what I am left with! It goes in cycles so you will often catch me scoffing some cheese in and hoping all is well afterwards; what can I say, I do love cheese!

I have set myself a bit of a hobby/ challenge to create my own recipes which are healthy, exciting, man friendly and mostly vegetarian! I hope you enjoy x x x


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