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On a budget?

I felt really sad last night when I read in the news that 50% of the adult population in Britain will be Obese in 20 years. I don’t believe this for a second BUT I do think we have a problem that needs tackling…and its not one that a food tax will solve! It’s good old fashioned education (An idea I know Jamie Oliver has been trying to push for a few years now). I think if everyone realised how cheap and easy it can be to cook your own meals from scratch then we’d be one step closer to a healthier Britain.

I’ve heard many people use the excuse “It’s too expensive to eat healthily” but I think that’s up there with “I’ll earn less if I work on minimum wage and lose my benefits”, a complete myth! Me and my other half have been on a very tight budget for 2 years now and during that time we were also both on a diet. We started off not eating very well I’ll be honest but after a few weeks I got into the swing of it and I now have a finely tuned weekly budget plan and we always have home cooked food!
The key for me is batch cooking!! Even if you have kids this can make your life so much easier as you instantly have portions which can be popped in the freezer and used next week, reducing your food shop list for next week! This week I am going to do a variety of dishes which can feed you for 2 or 3 nights easily! I’m making aubergine and courgette lasagne, veggie sausage hot pot, vegetable soup and as a treat Blackberry and apple crumble with a twist. Check through out the week for recipes!

The second most important thing to keep to your budget is using seasonal produce!! Especially in the supermarkets, as they get an abundance of this seasons veg it will be cheaper than if you were to try and buy strawberries in the winter. Also you can often get vegetables that are in season for free! My lasagne is being made from home grown courgettes, my crumble is apples from the neighbours garden and blackberries from my own garden which are growing around our Anderson shelter! They will taste so much nicer and much more rewarding to know they came straight from the ground to your kitchen. You can clean them and pop them in a tub in the freezer untill you need them. I would recommend everyone keeing your eyes open and looking for some blackberry bushes on a roadside near you!

As for 50% of the adult population being obese in 20 years time…putting higher taxes on junk food will not put the price of healthy food down it will just mean people eat even worse food! Go out and buy some ingredients and have a go at making something simple, you’ll be suprised by the difference!


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