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The food shop ritual

Once a week I sit and decide what meals I’ll be making next week and then I do my food shopping list compiled of exactly what I need for these meals, extras for lunch and then of course store cupboard essentials. I’ve been feeling really inspired recently so next week I am trying a few new recipes which I wouldn’t usually make! (I also am feeling angelic after losing a couple of pounds so will break a few rules and make some dinner treats).

I think making a list is the best way to stick to a budget and also it means you only buy what you need and are not tempted by anything really unhealthy. Never go shopping on an empty stomach and always put a small treat on the list if you know you will want one, then you’re more likely to stick to it! I also find that my food shop is so quick because you make a beeline for what you need with no un-necessary browsing!
I got our weekly food shop down from £55 per week to £25 just by starting to do a list, so it can be done!

At the weekend I went out for dinner and faced with a pub menu I was disappointed with my choice of either tomato pasta or vegetable risotto (both of which you just know wont be anything special in the pub), then I spotted Quesadillas. I usually wouldn’t have chosen this because of all the cheese but I’d had a glass of wine.. or two.. so my indulgent side thought, why not! It was delicious so this week I will create my own filling to try to lighten up this usually cheese heavy dish.
I also saw the word “pie” on the menu and decided I simply must make a pie this week! I will use filo pastry as a topping and see if I can make a light sauce which is not too stodgy or flour filled!
I have integrated these two more naughtier dishes with other meals such as a vegetable stirfry, roasted vegetables and my veg soup for lunch as I can’t afford a complete blow out with my wedding in 5 weeks.

Anyway with my list of meals for the week I’m feeling organised, excited… and hungry!


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