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Warning: I’m having a rant!

“Scientists produce world’s first test tube burger that could replace real meat”

Now as a vegetarian I think I am supposed to find this latest news report exciting, beneficial and progress in the world of food…but I find it disturbing, unnatural and suspicious.
Humans don’t actually need meat to live healthy lifestyles as millions of people have proven so why try and recreate it in a science lab? I have no problem with people eating meat if they want to, I cook it for my partner and one day I will most certainly cook it for my children but what I do take problem with is it being mass produced (over produced) to have water pumped into it and then sold at cut price in the supermarkets. Replacing the cheap tasteless meat in a supermarket with expectedly expensive fake meat will not help anything.  It will not give farm animals a better life, it will not give the farmers better profit, it will not stop the supermarkets selling budget meat with no concern for the consumer and it will certainly not provide nutrition for families.

Has anyone questioned the actual process of harvesting cells from an animal and what chemicals are added to the “meat” during the production of it? Are we willing to switch animal slaughter for animal labs? I have a feeling it is not just swabbing the tongue for some cells – just as bone marrow harvesting and stem cell harvesting is traumatic for humans this will be traumatic for animals.

No I didn’t become a vegetarian because of animal cruelty, if we were living wild we would be hunting them ourselves still, but I just can’t make myself agree with this!

If you’re a meat eater then go and buy some good quality meat and cook it with fresh ingredients and enjoy it! If you can’t afford to buy it all the time then don’t. No one needs to eat it every day and no one certainly needs the nutritionally void cut price meat they sell in the supermarkets.

I love hearing what you all have to say!

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