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Vegetable delivery!!

I’ve just been handed a big bag of vegetables from my dads garden and it’s a bit like Ready Steady Cook as I’m now thinking of all the meals I can use them in! I have a large beetroot (to add to the one in the fridge), carrots, spring onions, apples and the biggest courgette I’ve seen in a long time – It’s more like a marrow! The smell from the bag is just amazing, especially the spring onions, they are very strong!

I went through a stage of desperately wanting to go on Ready Steady Cook. I had about 10 weeks off from sixth form because I had glandular fever and everyday I’d set up camp on the sofa and it would be on in the afternoon. I even printed off the application however it was very long and I never got around to deciding what I’d actually put in my bag so unfortunately I never sent it in! I love the idea of creating something amazing from a selection of random ingredients. I used to think I’d try to catch them out with a wild card ingredient like marshmallows when the rest of my bag is vegetables…but I think they actually monitor what you take in.

Another day time show I enjoy on the odd bank holiday/ day off is Daily Cooks Challenge, especially the round where they have to make a meal using the ingredient of the celebrities choice. I’d choose fennel because I don’t have a clue what to do with it except add small quantities to a soup…I stirfried it once and as you can imagine I’m scared senseless of using it again!

I will sort out my bag of veg tonight, wash the mud off, and decide what delicious meals I can come up with 🙂 




2 thoughts on “Vegetable delivery!!

  1. Aren’t fresh veggies the best 🙂 Especially when they are straight from the garden. There is nothing like it. I get inspired by my weekly produce box for all of my recipes.

    Thanks for the like 🙂

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