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Blogging Interval

I’m driving down to Kent today to get married on Friday 7th so this will be my last blog untill I get back on the 15th October!! Everything is ready, packed, paid for and organised so I must say I’m feeling pretty chuffed about it all!
My re-occuring nightmares of forgetting my dress or my shoes have been quashed as they are now all bagged up and ready to go – as long as I don’t forget to put them in the car!

We are then going on to spend 5 nights in a couple of different hotels on the south coast which I expect will break all of my veghotpot rules and be quite indulgent! I think you’re allowed to be on your honeymoon lol! I must say though, I will be looking forward to getting back in the kitchen after a week of being cooked for 😀

When I get back I have lots of recipes which I am looking forward to posting, including:

A Seasonal Rice Salad
FruityFig Pizza
Wedding inspired canapes
Peppers stuffed with lentils
Sweet Samosas
Quiche with a twist!

I hope everyone has a lovely week, enjoy this beautiful autumn sunshine and continue to cook delicious meals from scratch for your family and friends 🙂

I’ll be back!




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