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Surviving the Supermarket

The media at the moment have been picking up on supermarket deals and how they are often very misleading.  Asda’s roll back has been accused of putting the prices up of their products a few weeks before and then reducing it down to the normal price again as a “deal”. There have also been times where an item says it is on sale but it is never actually sold at the higher price – not really a sale then just a clever marketing tactic!

They have hyped it all up to scare us into thinking we’ll never be able to afford good food and that this is why families struggle to eat healthily but I have to say that I think that is wrong! I still manage to eat home cooked food on a budget even with the soaring prices!

The key is to stick to a list and use your imagination! I know I like to drill this point home but it really was the main turning point in my lifestyle when I needed to be spending as little as possible but still make sure we were eating healthily. By writing a list of exactly what I need and sticking to it you won’t be tempted into buying those “buy one get one free” ready meals/ curry sauces etc.
Just look at what you need and then if there’s a deal on something from your list you can decide if it’s worth it for you. I often ignore the “buy two for £2.50” when one is £1.80 because I’ve written down on my list the quantity I need and it’ll save me 70p….it all adds up!

I also try to use my imagination when in the shops, especially if something looks particularly pricey but I had wanted to use it. Think about your recipes and if there is something that can be substituted – like if making a spinach soup but spinach is looking very expensive then buy some chard or cabbage instead. Or if you are making a salad and you want some cherry tomatoes but the price has gone up then just buy some loose basics tomatoes and leave them out of the fridge for a couple of days to ripen up – they’ll be just as delicious!

Don’t let the supermarkets throw you off track and allow you to spend all of your money with their bright signs and confusing deals! Be aware of what you are buying and think about what you need or how a recipe can be adapted for your budget.

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