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New Weekly Feature: Meat Free Monday!

I am a very strong supporter of Meat free monday and I was doing this for a year before I turned a full vegetarian! The idea is that by cutting down on meat for one day a week your not only saving money and being healthy but your also helping the environment.

Check out for more information on the actual campaign, I don’t really want to get into the impact of livestock farming on the economy and environment as I like to concentrate on the food so you will find all the nitty gritty information on their website.

Every monday (starting tonight) I will post a recipe which is easy enough to make on a monday night after the first day back at work for the week. I will also try and keep it quite frugal so looking at using up things in the fridge from the weekend or ingredients which mean you don’t need to go and do a big shop!
I will of course stick to my Veghotpot mantra and keep it healthy and appealing to a meat eater! We can save anything overly vegetarian for another day of the week 🙂

I hope I inspire even just one person to take on meat free monday and enjoy these recipes! x

NB Recipes can be made on other days of the week too!

I love hearing what you all have to say!

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