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A day of discoveries: Borough Market

At the weekend I met up with my friend for the day and decided to go and have a wander around Borough Market in London. For the end of October it was a beautiful day so we were able to stroll around in our own time and we also sat in a pub garden by the Thames for a few drinks! Perfect!

Whilst at the market I took lots of photos and also asked lots of questions about different vegetables, products and recipes. I found Kohlrabi (a strange looking vegetable that apparently is like swede or a turnip), also Jerusalem Artichokes, a huge variety of squashes (including blue ones!), baby yellow french carrots, Borlotti beans in their pods and also mushrooms growing in an old yellow pages!

Whilst looking at all the different stalls I spotted an ice cream stand called “The Greedy Goat”. They sell delicious looking ice cream using goats milk which makes it lower fat and also more suitable for people with lactose intolerance! I had one scoop of the Mint Choc Chip flavour and it was lovely and creamy, very chocolatey and sweet and perfect for a sunny October day! The only thing I will say is that goats milk is quite strong and afterwards I did have a bit of a savoury twang lingering in my mouth, but that was quickly dispersed of after eating a few more tasters! I’d definitely recommend trying it, especially if you can’t stomach milky ice cream like me.

 I also found a fantastic company called “Rubies in the Rubble” who source all of their fruit and vegetables from places like supermarkets where they were going to throw it out. They then turn it all in to delicious chutneys! I bought a pear and walnut chutney as it was completely different to anything I’d had before and it made me feel great to know this was made from produce which was otherwise going to be wasted!

Finally I also had a lovely lunch which I wanted to share with you! It was from a company called “The Veggie Table” and they were selling two types of burgers – a vegan quinoa burger and a halloumi burger, I went for the vegan burger and it was served with a potato salad, a beetroot and pearl barley salad and a raw shredded vegetable salad! It was delicious and I actually felt more healthy after it!

I recommend a lazy day wandering around Borough Market to any foodie! x


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