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Why waste when you can taste?

Every now and then I see an article or a story that simply insists I voice an opinion on it and post a non recipe blog post! Well ta da here is a fine example of such time! The government have guessed we are throwing away too much food and I think they are probably very accurate! I am guilty of throwing away food because I wasn’t sure if it was ok to eat or I wasn’t sure if I’d use it but I haven’t done this in recent times. I’ve been very conscious of only buying what I need (see my earlier post about creating a shopping list of exact ingredients and also buying loose fruit and veg so that you buy the correct quantities –, using everything I buy, freezing leftovers and being creative with scraps!

I read this blog and It inspired me to be much less wasteful and to think about some advice and ideas we can all follow to waste less food. So here are a few pointers which I will be trying to follow and it may inspire some other people to do the same 🙂

  • Do you really need to peel your veg? I don’t think I’ve peeled a potato, carrot, parsnip for months unless it had been in the fridge too long and the skin really was just too tough! Give your vegetables a good scrub under the tap and then keep all that goodness intact. I even leave the skin on for my mash now and I haven’t had any complaints.


  • Has your bread gone stale? Don’t like crusts? Why not keep all the ends of the loaf, slightly stale slices, crusts and pop it in a blender then in a freezer bag and freeze until you next need fresh breadcrumbs! Great for burgers, topping on a bake etc.


  •  Has your fruit gone a bit brown? Pop it in a pan with a splash of water and some sugar and stew it. Let it cool down then freeze it! Great for stirring into porridge/ eating with ice cream or using in a recipe later on.


  • Never going to finish that slab of cheese? Ok I may be over doing the freezer advice here but I only recently learnt that you can freeze cheese! Grate it, slice it and stick it in a tub in the freezer.


  • Got a few leftover vegetables which you’re not sure what to do with? Make bubble and squeak…make a pasta sauce by chopping them up and adding tomatoes…make a stew with some dumplings. Get a little inventive and think of a meal each week which can use up leftovers.


  • Not sure if your eggs are fresh? Fill a jug with water, place in your eggs. If your eggs lay flat on the bottom they are fresh and good to use. If your eggs stand on end on the bottom, they are not quite as fresh but still good to use. If your eggs float, they are bad and should not be used. (egg advice taken from the brilliant website

These are a few tips I use regularly and will try to carry on using for the future 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why waste when you can taste?

  1. Great! I really love it when you also write non recipe posts. The egg advice is what I needed in my life. Kind of. 🙂
    Thank you
    Greetings from Mexico.

  2. Thanks! I guess if you saw a buy one get one free offer it may be useful but I know what you mean as we’re the same with eggs!I did see a good tip for crushing egg shells and using them in your veg garden though! May have to do that in the summer 🙂 x

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