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Unicorn- Manchester’s Vegan/ Organic grocery store

I went to visit friends up in Manchester at the weekend and they took me to a Vegetarian supermarket (they know me so well!!). I found the whole shop inspiring and I hope to find something like this back home! I wanted to share some of the lovely things about this shop and the message they are spreading to their customers 🙂 Now I’m not saying everyone should fly over and visit this shop but I think if everyone thought more about where their food comes from, what fresh produce are available and of course how to cook them, then issues such as obesity and money management would be helped a little bit!

My big purchase of the day was a pack of plain firm tofu (I can only get the silken “fall apart as soon as you touch it” type in my local supermarket) and also some basil flavoured tofu! They’re in the freezer for now but I’m excited as these ingredients are going to kick-start a new weekly feature I plan to do in the new year! I shall reveal more nearer the time!

The first thing that caught my eye was this map on the wall – it showed where all the vegetables in the store had come from that week! A really lovely idea and although I think the prices were a little bit more than in your normal supermarket it was really interesting to understand where farms are and where the produce comes from around the country. support for local farmers is always a welcome idea 🙂 

I think this next photo is an idea that most people are coming around too and is becoming more popular – recycling! Not just putting things in your recycling bin ready for collection but actually keeping things and re-using them around your home. I was really happy to see this idea and I think it could easily be transferred to other deli’s/ grocery shops.

The next thing I saw which inspired me was the “ready meal” section! I’m a sucker for a good pie and I loved the fact that all of theirs were gluten free, organic and vegetarian! Nice looking flavours too! New years resolution – learn to make gluten free pastry (any tips welcome please!)

Ok so the next photo I took was of their Policies board, a good clear message to the customers about what the store represents and why everyone should feel good about shopping there! These are ideas I have found quite a few companies following now (off the top of my head the last company I felt followed these principles also was Rubies in the Rubble- chutney makers)

Here are a few more photos from my visit:


Do you have a local supermarket/ Grocery store which is trying to make a difference?

2 thoughts on “Unicorn- Manchester’s Vegan/ Organic grocery store

  1. hi, yeah the healthy groceries can be more expensive but I think just looking for better produce in your big supermarket can make a difference 🙂 This Unicorn supermarket is about 3-4 hours away from where I live so I’d like to find something similar nearer home! x x

  2. Here in Mexico City we have “The Green Corner” [sic], they’re organic and trying to make a difference. But they’re not completely vegetarian, because they also offer organic meat (as in real meat). I really like it there, but unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive, so I don’t go often… The supermarket you talk about seems great 😀
    I really like your blog.

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