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It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

It’s very easy when the first mince pie hits the shelves in the shops to go christmas mad and let yourself go, but I try to keep my normality blinkers on for a little bit longer – if not to save my waistline then atleast to save my bank balance!! I have decided this week though that although I will continue to post nice healthy meals to balance out our December I will allow a bit of christmas cheer into Veghotpot!!

A few weeks ago I posted some tips on how to personalise your home made gifts and also how to do this on a budget! Well I thought I would share withyou some of the things I have been getting up too to show you how easy it can be!! Everything from food gifts to paper and fabric crafts can be great gifts for your loved ones, but that little bit of extra effort can make it a really memorable idea.

I am planning on making Chocolate truffles as a gift and so I set about deciding on how to package them. During my trip to Borough Market I had bought two pies from my favourite Pie company Pieminister, after enjoying  them (I had a wild mushroom and Asparagus pie and it was AMAZING) I kept the boxes to transform into my very own Christmas gift box!

Here are the boxes:

Here is my transformed/ recycled box for my truffles: To prepare them for your gifts you can line the inside with some crepe/ tissue paper or a christmas napkin!

Another great idea for home made/ recycled/ budget gifts or decorations is decorated jam jars. We actually made these for my wedding but they look great for Christmas too! You can buy glass paint pens from craft shops and Raffia can be bought in bundles from florists for quite cheap! Perfect for putting a tea light in and having on your table or mantlepiece.

Last but not least I have also been making some personalised decorations for the tree 🙂 I made these using an Ivory Silk nighty which had only been worn a handful of times and I recycled ribbon from some beautifully wrapped presents I received a few years ago!

I have had so much fun  making these, now I’ve just got to hope my truffle recipe works!!

Have you made any gifts for christmas?

2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

  1. These are such great ideas! I love how you transformed that box… I feel like packaging is so important, it really adds an extra nice touch! I also love making gifts for people myself if I can. It’s cheaper, and it’s so much more personal!

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