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A New Weekly Feature for 2012: “The Friday Challenge”

I’m excited to let you all know I will be starting a new weekly feature in the New Year! My husband actually came up with the idea (he is so helpful and amazing!) and I got started on it straight away!

My Meat Free Monday feature has been great, not only because of such a positive response I’ve had to it but also it has helped me focus on something to do each week, it has given me direction and kept the ideas flowing! My Meat Free Monday recipes are all aimed at helping people to at least try a simple yet satisfying alternative to their usual meaty dinners and I will continue to keep up this feature for 2012.

Now there are quite a few cuisines which I am not very confident with, so I have not really tried coming up with my own recipes as I don’t know the basics – Asian food, baking and puddings being the three which jump to mind! I haven’t had the opportunity to do much travelling and I feel to try and claim my own twist on an Asian recipe without really knowing the core ingredients very well would just be a lie!

So…My new weekly feature is what I am calling “The Friday Challenge!” Each month I will pick a new ingredient or cuisine that I am not confident with, every Friday I will review a recipe I have tried (from cook books, other blogs, online, magazines etc etc) looking at what the basics were, the flavour combinations and the presentation. THEN this is the challenge- At the end of each month I will come up with my own recipe based on what I have learnt!

My aim with this weekly feature is to push myself to try new things and to challenge myself. I also hope to inspire people to try new things and help each other along the way. I am very much open to any suggestions of ingredients you think would be a challenge and hopefully we will all learn something new!

OK so my first ingredient for the New Year is going to be Tofu! Untill the other day I had never cooked with it before and had only eaten it a handful of times. I have found so many recipes which use Tofu, it is extremely versatile, low in fat, cholesterol free and very high in Protein – a vegetarians super food some may say!

I’m looking forward to starting a new year with Veghotpot in full swing and a year of new and exciting challenges ahead of me!

Do you have a favourite tofu recipe or would you like to submit a recipe for me to try?

4 thoughts on “A New Weekly Feature for 2012: “The Friday Challenge”

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  3. Hi Jennifer, thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 I’ve been practising my photography inbetween posting so Im glad its getting better! I love vietnamese food I bet it was delicious! x

  4. Sounds great! Your blog is such a joy to read – your enthusiasm keeps me coming back. Plus, your photography is getting really good – well done! The best tofu I ever had was in a Vietnamese dish (I don’t remember what it was called, but it was so good). Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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