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My Christmas in Rural Southern France: A Few Pictures!

This year I spent 5 fabulous days in the South of France over Christmas and had such a great time! We relaxed, took in the clean fresh air of the country side and enjoyed home cooked meals (every thing was home-made – the canapes, bread, every meal and even the beer!).

Some of the high lights included standing out in the garden one evening and seeing the most amazing view of the stars. At home we don’t see many stars but in France the sky was so clear it sparkled. This is something everyone should experience!

Another highlight was having a bonfire one evening, we all sat around with jacket potatoes and salads followed by marshmallows toasted on the fire, all washed down with home-made mulled wine in mugs!

My husband entertained us with some of his juggling skills using UV Juggling balls and they made for quite a fun photo! He’s a very good juggler! I’m learning but I don’t have the patience.

I got to spend some time with my cats Murphy and Tibbs (they also moved to France and are enjoying it very much!) – Murphy is the ginger cat shown here.

I made a new tree friend hehe. There were so many beautiful trees in the country side but this one caught my eye!!

The final highlight was finding this amazing Romanesco Cauliflower! I kept hearing about it and in one of Jamie Oliver’s books he describes it as a spiky green cauliflower. I just couldn’t picture it in my mind at all, how could a cauliflower be green and spiky? Then, strolling through the local town I spotted one outside a small little green grocers. The shop keeper must have thought I was crazy because I dragged everyone over to see and took photos! Now I’ve just got to track one down in the UK and cook it… to be continued…

12 thoughts on “My Christmas in Rural Southern France: A Few Pictures!

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  3. That green cauli is unreal 🙂 I got some seeds and tried to grow it last year but no luck. Will try again this year. I LOVE LOVE the UV juggling balls – kind of gives the same effect as the LED Poi 🙂

    • I know the cauliflower is just so unusual! Goodluck growing them this year I hope you get some! The juggling balls are brilliant it’s so entertaining especially whilst by a bonfire! I got loads of crazy photos with all kinds of patterns x

  4. I am a bit of a veggie burger fanatic hehe I am trying a new one this week so if its good I’ll post it! Looking forward to seeing your veggie burger recipes 🙂 x

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the juggling photo:)
    The green spiky cauliflower is also known as Romanesco. I sometimes see them on sale in my local fruit and veg shop. Very tasty! I plan to try and grow some this year, here’s hoping for a good growing season.

    • Thanks, I took so many photos it was hard to pick out a couple! I hope your veg growing goes well this year, I’ll have to come pick up some tips from your blog! x

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