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A New Year for learning new skills!

In January 2011 my new years resolutions were the usual goals such as lose weight, look after my skin and hair, spend less money and be more productive in life. Well a year later and these are no longer resolutions to pick up again, they are my way of life now.
I have a monthly routine of spending budgets and meal plans and I try to make sure I am doing something productive every day (even an hour of ironing counts!). This may sound boring to some people but to me this is how I can justify having lots of fun! I’d rather pay off a bill and then treat myself instead of spending it all on going out and then worrying at the end of the month! (don’t get me wrong though, sometimes gig/ festival tickets get the better of me lol!)

So now that the big 2012 has come around I feel really inspired to set myself some new slightly different goals. I’m not going to call them resolutions though because I want this to be a never-ending goal 🙂 the goal being to become a bit better at everything I do! This means facing up to the exams I’m dreading for work so that I can become qualified, finally starting the painting I have been planning in my head all of last year but ignoring the canvas every time I walk past and of course trying new skills in the kitchen. I think from recent posts you will all see how keen I am to learn so much more and to enhance my cookery skills so that I can be a great home cook and so that I can one day bake a fantastic cake for my husband! (he asks me to bake more but aaahh it’s always gone so wrong).

This month’s tofu challenge has been so much fun and just from reading and trying a few recipe’s I have already learnt so much about an ingredient I used to shy away from completely. I’m only planning on posting my reviews of the recipes I found the most helpful so that I can share my experience but I just had to mention a couple of ideas which I found and thought looked fab!

Ok so I’ve seen recipes online which combine silken tofu with ingredients such as bananas, mixed berries, soya milk and honey to create a tofu smoothie! Here are a few links to other varieties which caught my eye:
Tropical tofu smoothie
Tofu and Blueberry smoothie
Peanut butter, Chocolate and Banana tofu smoothie

Another interesting idea I have found (which I have to admit I haven’t tried yet but I am hoping to cook this weekend) is tofu cheesecake! Again here are a couple of links to some of the recipes I found which really stood out to me:
Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

Just another thing I have learnt from pushing myself to try something new and also these sweet recipes will be great if I ever fancy having something like a cheese cake as it will solve the lactose problem! Just imagine how much more I will know by the end of the year after cooking something completely new every month! 🙂

Have a good day x

4 thoughts on “A New Year for learning new skills!

  1. I love your idea of longer term goals instead of resolutions! Even though I called my goals for 2012 resolutions I see them as open-ended, things-I-can-only-improve-on… yay! Best of luck!

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