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Tofu Omelettes (Low Fat No Fat Cookbook): Friday Challenge!

This technique was very different to last week and I have to say I never ever imagined using tofu as a substitute for eggs or in an omelette! But this was delicious and again incredibly easy, I think this recipe sums up for me why this challenge is important – two weeks and I’ve already learnt so much.

Just a quick note that this book is amazing, it has so many healthy ideas and I haven’t ever made anything bad from it! You can buy it from Amazon!

Ok so in this recipe instead of carefully slicing and frying the tofu in cubes I mashed it with a fork, mixed it with one egg and some spring onions and then fried it like an omelette! This just shows how versatile tofu can be. If you are vegan you could omit the egg, apparently tofu can substitute eggs in a lot of cooking but I’d consult recipes which try this rather than start adding tofu to your cakes haha!  

I was surprised at the texture and flavour of this omelette, it wasn’t as bland as I was expecting and the soft omelette went perfectly with the soya sauce and garlic based sauce which you cook with some peas and pour on top! I wonder if you could make a tofu spanish tortilla?

I had initially thought the tofu would all fall apart in the pan but after a couple of minutes it flipped over with ease and the sauce literally took 30 seconds! I think next time I will omit the peas and have a more simple sauce with a few thin slices of red chilli to give the recipe a little kick!

What have I learnt about tofu?
It can be used in so many ways and as well as delicately frying it you can also mash it up and create a completely different dish! It’s definitely fantastic with Asian flavours so I think I will stick to this theme when it comes to creating my own recipe!

I’ve also learnt that tofu can substitute eggs in different kinds of cooking which is great for vegans who need a bit more protein!

So far in this months challenge I have cooked with plain tofu so next week I’ve chosen a recipe which marinates the tofu over night before cooking it (next weeks recipe is taken from the Weightwatchers Vegetarian Cookbook).

Do you have any unusual recipes using tofu? What ingredient do you feel you could learn more about?


7 thoughts on “Tofu Omelettes (Low Fat No Fat Cookbook): Friday Challenge!

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  2. It’s not a strange recipe- but try some tofu, about 1/3 Of a block, topped with about 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger, dash of soy and few rings of chopped spring onion. So fresh, healthy and delicious. I use silken tofu. AND tofu super tip: when eating silken tofu with chopsticks, the softer your touch with the chopsticks, the easier the tofu to handle!!

  3. I would never have thought of using Tofu as an egg substitute for something as eggy as an omlette. Great that it sounds like it works. Best book review there is for cookery books!

    • I know me too before now! I think I would definitely make it again though! Although I do equally just like normal egg omelettes lol x
      Ps I agree I’ve got tonnes of cookbooks but it’s only the ones where I’ve actually had success that I go back to over and over.

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