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Lemon, Lime and Orange Polenta Cake (Accidental Vegetarian cookbook): Friday Challenge!

Ok so being a novice at baking to begin with I was completely nervous about making this cake! I decided to make it because the whole point of this is to push myself to try new things and cook outside of my comfort zone. The recipe for this cake can be found here. It is from the “Accidental Vegetarian” cookbook by Simon Rimmer which has some interesting ideas in it but just not enough pictures I think (I’m a very visual person)! I’ll just point out that the recipe in the book did not include the sauce so I added some orange slices to garnish but the sauce does look amazing so will make that next time.

The first thing I did was cream the butter and sugar. Luckily me and the hubby had made cupcakes a few days before so I now knew that this could just be done in a big bowl with a hand held eletric whisk. I started off slowly and unfortunately got a little carried away and it went everywhere. Literally. It was on the ceiling, the fridge, the cupboards, the floor, the sink, the window and of course all over me. It has been quite funny because since then we have found hidden little splashes of sugary butter dotted around. Anyway don’t worry because I saved enough to still make the cake.

Next I added the almonds and then cracked in the eggs and I started to doubt whether this was going to work because it was so gooey but I trusted the recipe and carried on. which was a good thing because it turned out great in the end.

Unfortunately it was only when pouring the cake mix into my cake tin that I realised my take tin was only 20cm not the required 30cm so I filled it then poured the rest into cup cake cases. I didn’t want to ruin my oven timings so I cooked the cake on its own first – but because it was smaller it must have needed a different temperature as it was dark brown on the outside before it was cooked in the middle. The cupcakes however turned out perfectly after 25-30 minutes in the oven.

Usually I would remake something if I felt it wasn’t perfect (my fault not the recipes) however this cake feeds 11 people….theres only me and my husband…. and were on a diet… so no more cake baking in this house for a few weeks untill its all been eaten!

What I have learnt about Polenta:

Polenta is a great alternative to use in cakes for people who are Gluten free/ Celiac as teamed with the ground almonds there was no need for flour. It resulted in a denser cake but still very delicious.
I don’t think I’m confident enough to try my own version of a polenta cake but I will definitely have another go at this recipe in the future, with a bigger cake tin!

8 thoughts on “Lemon, Lime and Orange Polenta Cake (Accidental Vegetarian cookbook): Friday Challenge!

  1. My wife has just become gluten sensitive after first thinking it was lactose. We now use lacto free milk, but other small portions of dairy seem ok. I have a huge bag of polenta in the house and I’m looking for recipes to use it rather than flour. Polenta cake will be getting made when I get home.

    Btw, I used to live 200m from Simon Rimmers “Accidental restaurant” its very good even for a carnivore like myself. The menu doesn’t really change though, so I have to be treating a veggie to go back!

    • I can have small portions of dairy but I try to keep the levels low in my diet! This polenta cake was delicious Id really recommend it 🙂

      I didn’t know there was an “Accidental Restaurant”! I will have to google that and have a look I’m always looking for new veggie friendly places to eat out. Thanks for letting me know 🙂 x

      • The restaurant is called Greens. It was an accident as he decided to buy it with his friend thinking it sounds really cool owning your own restaurant. He didn’t even realise it was veggie. So he bought a few books and taught himself.

        • Juts been on the website, the food looks amazing! Proper comforting British grub but without the meat mmm 🙂 Quite a distance from me though but I will have to drive up there one day

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