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Valentine-Birthday, Coronation Chickpea wrap recipe and some Minecraft cakes!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day – I always do… but that’s because Valentines day is also my birthday! When I was single I didn’t care about Valentines because I was out rocking it up for my birthday and now I’m married it’s a double celebration 🙂

This year I spent the day making an afternoon tea for us to enjoy in the evening, my mum had sent over a bottle of Rose bubbly from France which washed it all down very nicely! It’s also my husbands birthday in 3 days and I had planned to make him a cake in the style of one of his favourite online games – Minecraft, however he’s on a stag do that day now so I decided to incorporate the Minecraft idea into the afternoon tea. I made square cupcakes decorated like ‘Creeper’ faces and the rest I decorated like the cakes you can make within the game.

I got the recipe for the sponge cakes from An Irish Village Pantry blog and it really is a fail safe recipe for a newbie baker like me! It was the best feeling to make everything from scratch! I used a lime jam to help the icing stick to the cake which gave each bite a little citrus kick.

Here are a few pictures from my day:

Chocolate coated strawberries (White choc and Milk Choc), Grapes and CherriesSandwiches (top layer are ham for the hubby), bottom later are cheese and tomato wraps and my own recipe Coronation stye chickpea wraps: see recipe below

Corontation Style Chickpea wraps – Serves 2

80g Chickpeas
35g Dried Apricots
40g Raisins
8 tablespoons Natural Yoghurt (Drained in a colander lined with kitchen paper for around 1 hour)
1/2 teaspoon Curry Powder
2 teaspoons Mango Chutney
Small bunch of Coriander
3 Spring Onions

Chop the Apricots into small pieces and slice the sprig onions. Mix all the ingredients together and have in a wrap with some spinach and sliced tomatoes. These were delicious and a lovely alternative for an afternoon tea!

I hope you all had a lovely day whatever you chose to do for it. I had a truely great day 😀


9 thoughts on “Valentine-Birthday, Coronation Chickpea wrap recipe and some Minecraft cakes!

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    • Thanks Sheelagh! I was so happy when we had perfect little cakes on our first attempt 🙂 I’ve made them 3 times now lol! Feeling a bit podgy though as have also eaten them all! xxx

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