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I’m not a Chocaholic…but I will be in April!

Well my risotto month is over so I thought I’d have a break this week before starting my April Friday Challenge month…which I can reveal is CHOCOLATE! I decided to choose chocolate to celebrate Easter and jump out of my comfort zone but I have to admit I am absolutely dreading this month for a couple of reasons:

  1. I am going to get fat!
  2. I don’t have a clue what to make for my own recipe (I usually have a few ideas brewing)

I read some really amazing blogs which focus on sweet treats/ baked goods etc and I admire the sheer volume of recipes building up on their sites. The main thing I can’t help thinking is “Do they eat all of those delicious recipes themselves?”

With my own cooking I try to tie blog recipes with evening/ weekend meals so that I’m not making extra food that will end up being gobbled up and regretted later. However unless we have a chocolate cake for dinner this isn’t going to work this month!

I think I will either choose recipes which can be frozen, then I will hide them at the back of the freezer until I have people over who I can pass it on too or I will be sending Scott into work with a goodie bag for all the guys! I have a feeling we’d be a very popular couple if I did that, he’d have to make sure he gave the biggest piece to his boss!

Apart from being scared about giving into my inner fat persons dreams and devouring a month of chocolate I’m also worried that the month will conclude with a few strawberries dipped in chocolate! At the moment that is the extent of my sweet tooth capabilities.

I guess unlike the other months where I have been able to pull on my tastes, experience and tried and tested flavour combinations this time I really am learning something really new to me! I understand herbs and spices and what vegetable to put with what and how to cook them to bring out the best in them but I don’t know how chocolate will react to different cooking techniques! I have eaten many types of chocolate before so at the moment I am searching deep into those memories to remember what my favourite flavour was!

I also need to remember the fact that chocolate = lactose and tonnes of chocolate recipes seem to involve other no go areas such as cream, yoghurt etc! I will definitely be sticking to dark chocolate where I can and I’m even tempted to try vegan chocolate and raw chocolate powder…two things I never ever thought I’d say a year ago!

So here’s to a month of chocolate, I will do my best to enjoy the sugar filled journey I have set myself and hopefully broaden my skills in the dessert section!

We live, we learn and erm we eat chocolate?


8 thoughts on “I’m not a Chocaholic…but I will be in April!

  1. Fear not – chocolate in moderation is wonderful. I just read an article that people who eat chocolate have lower BMIs than those who don’t. Have a wonderful April!


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