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Warm Gooey Chocolate Cakes (Leon Baking Cookbook): Friday challenge!

I love reading the LEON Cookbooks because they are more like a scrapbook than a recipe book, they give you tonnes of information on the ingredients, the story behind the recipes and of course some great photos! I knew I’d find something good for my chocolate challenge in their “baking and Puddings” book and I was right – this warm gooey chocolate cake was so indulgent yet really simple to make! I was impressed and I’m actually wondering why I was so scared of cooking with chocolate before!

When initially reading the ingredients list I was a little baffled because the ingredients were very similar to the chocolate mousse I made – chocolate, egg whites, sugar so I wondered what exactly would make this become a cake!? Naive maybe but in my mind a cake had flour in it, needless to say I was a teeny bit chuffed when this ‘possibly a mousse’ cake came out of the oven and it had a cakey texture!! The main difference I can see is that this cake had ALOT of coco powder (I used Options hot chocolate powder, not sure if that’s what they meant but it was delicious!) and therefore was denser than the mousse recipe.

I cooked it in little ramekins and this is how it came out – (icing sugar added after cooking)

I wasn’t sure if I was meant to remove them from the ramekins but when looking at their photo I see that they had removed it and it looked delicious –

So I did too – behold the gooey mess of cake on my plate! –

I made half the quantity from their recipe because there are only two of us and it worked fine. I also melted down an easter egg instead of buying dark chocolate because I wanted to use up some of the chocolate we had left over! I’d love to try this with dark chocolate because with the Cadburys it was very rich – didn’t stop me licking my plate though!!

I can’t find the recipe online so I don’t have a link for it I’m afraid but I would recommend the books if you can get hold of them!

What I have learnt about chocolate:

I think I’m beginning to realise that puddings are not as hard as I’d imagined, you just need to understand the basics. Subtle changes can make two recipes which look similar very different!

The thing I find good about using chocolate is that it can be used in many different ways, it can be served runny as a sauce, set as a mousse, hard and chilled, grated as a garnish etc.

Also this time I used an electric whisk when mixing the egg whites with the sugar and it was a lot easier and the egg whites became lovely and glossy!

So far both of my chosen recipes have relied on melting chocolate and mixing it with whisked egg whites so next week I’m going to try something a little different and experiment with some flavour combinations!


12 thoughts on “Warm Gooey Chocolate Cakes (Leon Baking Cookbook): Friday challenge!

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  2. It’s hard to turn little puddings like that out – I think the most important thing is to grease and flour the ramekins a LOT before! Yours looks delicious, I can almost taste it 🙂

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