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A Balanced Diet for a Balanced Well being

In August 2011 I read an article about badger culling and how it is common practise to protect cattle from TB. Then I had a bit of an argument with my friend about it as we both had very different view points on the subject, and I haven’t eaten meat since that afternoon! It was that quick a decision! I think everyone was a bit confused when I announced my decision because although everyone knows I care about animals and the environment I had not been very vocal on any thoughts of vegetarianism. My decision wasn’t about the badgers but instead it was the realisation that I was complacently eating meat without knowing all of the facts behind it. I decided that while I was learning the facts I would take myself completely out of the game and not risk eating anything which may upset me later on.

I didn’t give much thought to what I would need to eat differently or how it may affect my health later on in life. I thought the whole protein concerns were just carnivores trying to put me off and I had no intention of spending money on expensive whole food alternatives as I honestly just thought that the extra fruit and vegetables would keep me going. As many vegetarians will agree I think it is only since going vegetarian and taking responsibility for my food choices that I’ve begun to take a bigger interest in my health, in the background of my food and in the balance we need within our diets to stay healthy.

It’s not just vegetarians who need to be careful with their diet but everyone should be aiming for an overall better balance of health and a better understanding of what our bodies need. I started using an online programme called “My Fitness Pal” which tracks not only the calories but also the carbs and protein of your diet, and I was interested to see how I am reguarly low on my protein and high on my carb intake! I had swapped meat for carbs without even realising it – especially at the weekends! Even though I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables it doesn’t mean I’m the pinnacle of a healthy vegetarian and I am now realising this. I spoke to my mum at the weekend about my concerns as she was vegetarian for a long time and she told me she had been concerned about her protein levels – especially as she got very ill resulting in a life saving operation.

The only way I can think to describe what I thought about protein is to compare it to a conversation with my granddad the other day. We were driving through a deep puddle down a country lane and he kept saying “slow down, slow down you’ll flood the engine” and I had no idea what he meant. I said “oh I thought you just drive slowly through puddles so that you don’t swerve to one side” and he explained about the water splashing up under the car and how it could cut out the engine! Well similarly I thought not eating enough protein meant I might just be a bit tired or something but actually you could end up writing yourself off and shutting down your engine. Well ok that’s a silly comparison but you know what I mean!

So over this next month, and probably continually for the rest of my life, I want to learn more about what exactly it is that our body needs, why it needs it and how I can get it without breaking the bank! (I should probably learn a little bit about cars too!!). I like being someone who can share vegetarian ideas which are accessible and appealing to a mass market as I think some people look at the long list of ingredients in a lot of vegan/ vegetarian food and get put off. But I also want to be aware of providing the best balance of simplicity and vitality that I can.

I used to roll my eyes at the whole protein debate but now I’m jumping right in and making sure we are all aware of the vital part protein plays in our diet. I have come up with a few easy ways to get a bit of protein in our diets which I will be sharing over the next few weeks and also I will be sharing an evaluation on my own diet and any changes I may be making myself!

Any help/ opinions from my fellow bloggers is always welcome, I have found so many sources of inspiration since beginning to blog and I feel I have so many people to learn from. As Dr. Wayne W. Dyer said “The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about” something we should all keep in our minds when making choices for our health.


9 thoughts on “A Balanced Diet for a Balanced Well being

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  2. What a well written and thoughtful poste! it was a joy to read and brought back memories of 20 years ago & a similar journey for me. Your writing & content are inspiring & you have a wonderful ‘joie de vie’ Becky. My journey took me to France & home grown veggies & organic meat (once a week on what we now call Meaty Mondays!!) from the local farmer & we have a healthy diet and life style but it is easy to develop habits that are not beneficial to the body so it is great you reminded me to relook again at our diet & check out what we are eating 🙂

    • I like the idea of meaty mondays lol!! It’s good to get local organic meat too, although I imagine in France they don’t have mountains of cheap bad quality meat stacked up in the super markets! Thanks x x

  3. Thanks for the follow! I literally *just* had the same experience. I input today’s (delicious) meals, and it turned out that 900 of my calories came from carbs. Yikes! I’d like to even out things some, especially in the protein category. With my numerous food allergies, it’s tough, though, so your post is especially relevant. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 It’s so easy to bulk up the day with carbs, I found when I cut back on the carbs then I was hardly eating any calories so I definitely need to learn what I should be eating instead! Last week was my best week and I had bigger meals but less snacks and it was a good balance of everything.

    • I find you extremely inspiring Annie! you’ve already made so many positive changes in your diet and your recipes show us all how to eat a better balance! x

  4. I find it inspiring that you are willing to share your journey with your readers. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I completely understand what you mean when you talk about gaining a better understanding about the food we eat. I mean, there is just so much horrible food that is actually dangerous as well as unhealthy, and we just eat it complacently in ignorance.

    Please keep sharing your thoughts on this subject because your blog is really important.

    • Thank you 🙂 I think we have so much food readily available to us at any time (in the westernised world anyway) that it’s easy to just pick up the wrong foods and not think about it! And although I absolutely maintain that eating healthy and cooking from scratch is much cheaper, when it comes to quick convenience foods its a shame that the junk is so cheap compared to the healthier options! hmmm so much to learn I could write another 10 blog posts on the subject haha! x

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