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Hazelnut and Apricot Bread Rolls (The Naked Chef): Friday Challenge!

For Christmas I was given a few of the same cookbooks so I returned one and found Jamie’s first 4 cook books on sale for the same price as the book I was returning! They are quite retro and you can see how Jamie has evolved and improved however I love them! You can buy the collection of the individual books here. The recipe isn’t online anywhere so I’m afraid I can’t provide a link this time, however if you know how to make a bread roll then just add in some crushed hazelnuts and dried apricots before the dough rises!!

This recipe is from one of Jamie’s earliest books “The Naked Chef” and as much as I love Jamie I have to say that I found the recipe quite hard to follow because it was dotted around different pages. Also he says the weight of the nuts and fruit should be 1/4 of the weight of the risen dough but then says you must have your filling ready before the dough. Anyway apart from it taking a little while to piece together the recipe I was more than happy with the result!

The combination of nuts and fruit within the bread works very well and it was delicious eaten toasted with a little butter or as a burger bun with a twist!

When the bread rolls came out of the oven I was expecting them to be quite heavy and they looked quite dense however I let it cool down a little bit, cracked one open and ta daa I had light fluffy bread in amongst the hazelnuts and apricots! So happy!

I Like the idea of mixing things into the bread dough, I was worried it wouldn’t rise but it worked nicely. I’ve got loads of ideas running through my head although from doing a little googling on the subject I seem to be a bit behind the times haha (You know people have only been making bread for like thousands of years). I think I will be spending this month throwing a variety of things into bread doughs and then seeing what happens!

What I have learnt about Bread Rolls:

Something I had been doing wrong in the past is not letting them prove for a second time after shaping them into rolls – This makes a much softer fluffy roll. After reading lots of recipes I’ve also realised that there is not really a right and wrong set of ingredients for bread, you can mix flours, add oil or milk, salt and sometimes sugar or even honey! So far I’ve used Strong white bread flour but I’d like to have a go at mixing some healthier grains in there!

Serving Suggestion – Heat the roll under the grill then spread on some butter (I used dairy free butter) and a good thick dollop of good quality honey! With the nuts and apricots within the bread this makes for a filling and satisfying breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Hazelnut and Apricot Bread Rolls (The Naked Chef): Friday Challenge!

  1. Beautiful photos- love the natural lighting in the top and last ones. I’m super tempted to try this recipe, maybe to make a honey-banana-hazlenut roll sandwich 😉

  2. At this restaurant I used to work at, we used to serve these apricot walnut loaves, and I would snack on it all the live-long day. These rolls are so similar to those loaves- they look delicious!

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