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One Lovely Blog Award!

This is a really over due post but I’ve had so much going on, so many recipes running through my mind that needed bringing to life etc that it got put on a shelf for a rainy day! Laura from the “Cook to Love” blog gave me a ‘One Lovely Blog’ award back in April and I was really chuffed as her blog is really inspiring with tonnes of vegan/ gluten free recipes!

Vegan and gluten free seems to be a mix I am seeing a lot of recently and after my realisation that I am a carb monster since giving up meat I wonder how they do it! My mother in law is gluten free and so I am always keen to learn more about cooking and baking without gluten (I think I do alot of it without realising). There are so many alternatives and gluten free products out there now it’s interesting to see how baking has evolved.

OK so to accept this award I have to tell you some things about myself. I think you all know quite abit now but luckily there were some questions prepared to give a bit of structure –

  1. Favorite color: I don’t really have a favourite colour any more…but I do like green!
  2. Favorite animal: hmm I really like all kinds of birds, they’re so interesting to watch
  3. Favorite number: I have two numbers I consider lucky – 7 and 14!
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Slimline tonic….with a side of gin and a wedge of lime
  5. Facebook or Twitter: I miss myspace!
  6. My passion: cooking, painting, drawing, cuddling and picnicing
  7. Getting or giving presents: honestly….giving presents!!
  8. Favorite pattern: ??? I have an awesome red leopard print pencil skirt I love!
  9. Favorite day of the week: Sunday! Me and Scott have a lazy morning then we walk into town and get coffees and spend an hour in HMV browsing music and people watching.
  10. Favorite flower: Daisies (the teeny ones)

Ok and the five people I would like to pass this on to are…..drum roll…. (in no particular order)

An Unrefined Vegan – To quote her website “Unprocessed, unbleached and cruelty-free:  low-fat, low-sugar, whole food and plant-based recipes to nurture body, brain and conscience.” Seriously her recipes are amazing and so inspiring that she has found such a natural, healthy way of life!

Veggie What now – A vegetarian allergic to Soy and Nuts! She’s creative though and there are some really interesting ideas on her blog.

Sophies Oven – Really delicious home cooking and a great theory on cookies! 🙂 One of my fave non veggie food blogs!

Vegan Sparkles – Mouth watering photos, inspired recipes and a really genuinely lovely personality. Oh and I love the starwars/ sci fi references dotted throughout, so fun!

I ate lunch – Each recipe is enveloped in a story or memory and it’s really nice to read a blog where the writer is so honest and open about everything! Plenty to read plus some pretty snazzy lunch ideas!

Now I’m done passing on the love I’d like to just give you an update on how my bread roll friday challenge is going. To be honest it started off boring because I realised that making bread rolls actually isn’t that difficult! But I think it has picked up again after spending a Saturday banning Scott from his computer and browsing the online world for inspiration.

The great thing I have got from it is that I now think I could whip up a pretty decent bread roll without worrying too much about it and without the need for too much of a recipe. It has made my confidence in baking grow as I am now trying out different flours and letting it be fun rather than an exercise doomed for failure.
I do also now have a freezer full of bread rolls because we don’t really eat too much bread (only for a scrummy fried egg sarnie which Im abit addicted to at the moment) but atleast I know that the next time I want a roll with my soup or I need a burger bun I have one ready and it’s not full of chemicals and additives!


13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

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  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 Homeade rolls/bread are the best- there really is no comparison! I always feel better when I read your blog & know you are struggling with carb issues, too. Seeing how you approach them is very inspiring. You call me creative- those lightsaber roll ups look pretty creative to me! Love your blog & thanks again! I’m working on my post now…

      • Bless u!! Your welcome 🙂 I love your blog too!! Yeah I hadn’t even realised how much of my diet was carbs but Ive made a few changes and really feeling the benefit! I tend to eat more beans and grains now (duh should have known to do this anyway being a veggie!) and although they still contain some carbs they also have vitamins and protein etc.
        hehe don’t worry me and vegan sparkles have the same background (great minds think alike!) and those fruit roll ups are AMAZING. Cant wait to try them 🙂 x x x

  3. Oh wow! Thank you thank you! I’m clapping and bouncing around in my chair like a fool. Good thing I’ve got the office to myself this week….
    Also, kudos on the bread rolls! I’ve been trying to get into making more homemade bread. I’m jealous you don’t need a recipe. The only recipe I have memorized is for pancakes.

    • hehe yaya!! your welcome I love your blog 🙂 haha I would need to look up a pancake recipe! I think with my friday challenges it means I spend a month cooking the same thing so I get into the swing of it….not sure my rolls without a recipe would be as good though hehe x

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