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Pesto Pinwheel Rolls (Purple Foodie Blog recipe): Friday Challenge!

I found this recipe online after googling “Interesting bread rolls” and the colour and shape caught my eye straight away! You can see the recipe and method for making these here on the Purple Foodie Blog – there are a lot of nice recipes and gorgeous photos too!

I don’t think mine look as nice as the originals because I used some wholemeal flour I had left over which meant the pesto was not so noticeable against the bread (In the original the rolls are pale white and the pesto is bright green). However they tasted amazing, especially just out of the oven! I actually made 12 but we quickly devoured a few before I photographed them!

I bought a jar of pesto but this would work with a whole manner of home made pestos and I think it would taste really nice with some parmesan or fresh herbs tucked in there too!

I was pleasantly surprised with how simple this was to make, I love the idea of rolling the dough up with the flavour inside! And once again I found that my initial expectations of how the dough would react were wrong – I thought it would remain quite flat but actually they rose very nicely!

What I have learnt about bread:

The addition of an oily flavour such as pesto was delicious because the flavour seeped into the dough when rising. I also really like the contrast of colours. Again I have realised that letting the dough rise a second time one shaped is vital to create a nice big fluffy roll. I think for my own recipe I definitely like the idea of creating a more interesting shape with the bread roll and adding a strong flavour.

Serving Suggestion: On it’s own just out the oven (sooo good!) or served with a nice simple and fresh salad – such as my Virtual Vegan Potluck Kohlrabi Ceviche – recipe here

16 thoughts on “Pesto Pinwheel Rolls (Purple Foodie Blog recipe): Friday Challenge!

    • ooo vegan pesto sounds good! I’m really not much of a baker either but these were very easy and so impressive considering they were so simple 🙂 x

    • They were really simple and very delicious! I’ve been freezing the bread rolls as I make them as it’s been quite a lot making them every week BUT these got eaten before I could even think to put some in the freezer 🙂

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