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A Photo Guide to the Globe Artichoke: Friday Challenge

I’ve wanted to prepare a globe artichoke for so long now but whenever I read instructions I feel baffled because it refers to the heart and the choke etc and I don’t know which bits these are! I can now tell everyone else out there putting this off that it is really very easy and it becomes obvious as you dismantle the artichoke which parts are which! For this I followed my trusted River Cottage Veg instructions for ‘Simple Globe Artichoke’. He suggests to serve it with melted butter and lemon juice but I used olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

The point of my Friday Challenges is to learn new skills but also share these with everyone so I decided that I wanted this post to be a step by step guide of how to prepare a globe artichoke so that you can eat the leaves and then remove the heart. So I think I don’t need to say any more (I will find that hard!!) and I’ll let my photos do the talking:

Trim the stalk so its around 3 – 5cm long

Just incase it wasn’t obvious I had cut the stem!

Pull off the tougher leaves around the bottom – I just guessed which ones were meant to be tough and it worked out fine

Place the artichoke into a steamer and cook for about 30 minutes (Stand it upright if your steamer is big enough)

It will now look like this, pull away the outer leaves

The leaves should pull away easily. You can eat the fatter bottom part of the leaf and dip it into the lemon/ balsamic dip!

Stop eating when you get to the thinner leaves! You need to remove all of these and discard them

Underneath all those thin leaves you’ll find this hairy little fella (the choke)! sooo cute! DO NOT EAT……

Scoop out the choke with a spoon! It came out quite easily and was obvious where it ended. Discard the choke!

When you are left with this trim the edges so that the rough outer skin is removed from around the heart and the stem. Then you can eat the heart too! or do what I did – pick it up dip it in the lemon and munch away – an artichoke heart on a stick haha!

I’m afraid there is no photo of the finished trimmed artichoke heart because I didn’t get that far I just took it as you see it in the last photo and dipped it in to the balsamic and lemon and ate it! Delicious! (I didn’t eat the rough skin or stem!)

If you just want to use the heart then I’d just buy canned as it seems an expensive waste to remove all of the leaves without atleast steaming and eating them! If preparing it like this then take your time and enjoy it! It’s such a wonderful vegetable 🙂

Next week I’ll actually cook with it!

2 thoughts on “A Photo Guide to the Globe Artichoke: Friday Challenge

  1. Apparently you can also buy the hearts frozen which I’m thinking may be better because they can preserve them without the need for the icky salt water. It was fun tackling the artichoke I think it’s a waste to not eat the leaves 🙂 x

  2. very interesting Becky and much appreciated because the first time i tackled an artichoke i removed all the leaves and never found the heart so i only had a stalk left by the end! (and a whole pile of leaves) I think also that using a fresh artichoke is far better than the canned or bottled ones which lack flavour and are mushy.

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