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My First Vegetarian Festival: Part One!

Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited because today me, Scott and a bunch of friends are driving up to the Midlands (Donnington to be precise) for this years Download Festival. We’ll be there untill Monday but have no fear I have scheduled my Friday Challenge and Meat Free Monday so that you won’t miss anything 🙂

Although we go to Download Festival every year this will be the first time I will be there as a vegetarian. Last year I lived on Supernoodles and Bacon Butties but this year I have slightly more nutritious food packed, albeit still packet food which can be cooked on a hexi stove. I found that most packet noodle brands are actually not vegetarian, even if it’s a vegetarian flavour so I have ditched those and decided to pack ALOT of Ainsley Harriot’s Cous Cous varieties. Cous Cous is perfect for camping because all you need is some hot water and a lid for your mess tin then it’s done. I got a couple of each flavour.

I have also packed a big bag of mixed fruit and nuts, some baked edemame soy beans, some Soreen cake and some sweets! Oh and ALOT of beer haha wooo!

I’m absolutely buzzing to see my friends, all of the bands and also what sort of foods I can get on the stalls and hopefully I will be able to be slightly more adventurous than just chips and cheese toasties but we will see 🙂 Last year I did buy the most amazing veggie burger and also a chick pea salad but they were much more expensive than the meat options! tut tut!

Click on the banner to see the website and the awesome bands I’ll be seeing!

Keep your fingers crossed that it won’t rain on me for 5 days straight!!! Anyone else coming along to Download Festival this year?? x

5 thoughts on “My First Vegetarian Festival: Part One!

  1. Wow weird. I’m a Scout leader looking for quick Hexistove recipes to teach my Cub Scouts, and this was the first google result. It just so happens that I just got back from Download festival myself. How very strange.

    Thanks so much for the tip on Cous Cous. Not sure why didn’t think of that. Hope you had a fantastic time at Download despite the mud and rain and cancelled bands.

    Have a lovely day.

      • Ah I love my hexi stove too, but most of what I cook on it isn’t suitable for a cub scout evening, because it takes too long to prepare. Looking for the quickest and simplest things I can do, so we can get more done. Vegetarian is a bonus because its one less dietary requirement to worry about. Everyone can eat vegetarian.

        Actually I did -most- of the festival ‘meatless’ myself this year. (Although I’m not sure it was vegetarian, because as you say they sneak animal products into everything – Malteasers included). I was doing this year on a budget and took along all my own food to cook. Didn’t want to worry about meat going off in my tent.

        I had a brilliant time at Download, it was my first once since 2008. The mud was horrible, but we coped. So glad the rain went away Saturday and the sun came out Sunday. I was so grumpy when it was chucking it down.

        Steel Panther was absolutely the highlight for me. They’re just so good live, they really own the stage when they’re on, and it’s clear that performing in front of the crowd of 80,000 people didn’t phase them at all. Fantastic.

        Anyway, thanks for the help with my Cub Scout evening. If you have any advice on very quick, very simple hexi stove meals that I can show my kids, I’d love to hear it.


  2. Hey, aw yeah thats a shame I have to say that the rain really did get to me, especially because my tent leaked on wednesday night!! but the music was brilliant and I had some really nice foods, there were more veggie stands than last year I was impressed! I’m posting a blog post tomorrow about the foods etc 🙂 x

  3. So, so jealous! I really wanted to go to Download but couldn’t afford it. =(

    I went to Reading last year and was pleasantly surprised at the array of vegetarian stalls. My fellow veggie friend and I were in heaven! Hope Download is friendly to you.

    Have fun!

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