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Thank you Canada and America!


I’m back in the UK now and looking forward to getting back in the kitchen. We had a wonderful time in each city and it felt like we were away for much longer than two weeks! When telling everyone stories from the holiday I have had to take it day by day just to make sure I don’t miss out any of the exciting things we did in each place. We relaxed in the parks of Montreal, rocked out in the bars of Toronto and well New York just swept us away with its busy streets and illuminated night life!

The main highlights (If I had to choose just a handful) of the honeymoon for me were as follows:

Montreal –

  • The Panoramic view from our hotel room, it really was beautiful especially as we tilted the blinds so that the sun rise naturally woke us up each morning. This was in Le St Martin hotel.
  • We also found a street market which had food stalls and other shops and I had the most amazing mango on a stick cut to look like a flower. Really must try doing this myself!!

Toronto –

  • The tour of Steam Whistle Brewey. We got married in a brewery so we try to go on a brewery tour whenever we go away! The Steam Whistle brewery is a fairly small brewery which produce one type of beer (which is quite unsual for a brewery but we thought it was a really nice idea and the beer was delicious!). I was mainly impressed with how environmentally friendly they are.

  • Toronto Zoo was absolutely huge and although the hot weather made it exhausting we still spent about 5 hours walking around seeing the extensive collection of animals that they had there! We didn’t get to see it all but I was really impressed with it. I took around 100 photos at the zoo but here are my faves-

Niagara Falls –

  • We did a helicopter ride over the falls, it was my first time in a helicopter and after the inital “aaahh” stage it was just breath taking! I feel so lucky to have had that experience and to have seen the falls from the sky.

New York –

  • Seeing Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper at Jones Beach Ampitheatre was just amazing!! The water lapping up around the stage, the sun setting all around us then the stars coming out over head! What a perfect setting for seeing Maiden perform.
  • Sight seeing!! We went up the Empire State Building and also took a boat tour around the Island and both were amazing! It was so interesting to see the layout of New York from up high and also we loved all the different eras of architecture mixed into the city. New York was just fascinating and really worth visiting.

This is a snapshot of our holiday but I’ll be sharing a bit more in future posts! For example… shock horror!!……. I haven’t mentioned food yet!! I didn’t photograph everything I ate like I did at Download because I was more focused on just relaxing and having fun but I have gathered tonnes of inspiration, tasted loads of new dishes (Canadian Poutine in Montreal mmm!) and tried out a few restaurants which I would recommend!

Also I will be starting to cook this month’s Friday challenge which I can let you know is going to be Gnocci! As usual this is something I have not cooked before (or even eaten I don’t think) so I’m excited to try it out and see what I can come up with.

I really need to get organised, can you believe I’ve been home since Sunday and have not even done a food shop yet! We’ve been so busy and tonight we’re off to see KISS play at the Kentish Town HMV Forum so will have no time to start cooking untill tomorrow. I have written a list as long as my arm of dishes I CANNOT wait to cook this weekend. I don’t think I’ll leave the kitchen on Saturday 🙂

8 thoughts on “Thank you Canada and America!

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    • Hey, I know we had something planned every day we were there. it was worth it though although my feet hurt from all the walking after awhile haha. Yeah we got married in Britains oldest brewery, its a really beautiful building with all wooden beams and hops hanging inside. Was fun too we had our photo printed on labels of ale etc xxx

    • Thanks we had the best time, saw so much, met loads of people and really enjoyed ourselves. I took around 700 photos so choosing a few was hard! I’m a snapaholic haha

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