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Summer ‘Green’ Smoothie

Summer hasn’t quite come to the UK yet this year, we’ve had a few early weeks of sunshine in April and the odd afternoon of heat here and there but it’s just not a normal year for weather. For me this means I haven’t quite got into my summer eating habits, soups haven’t been swapped for salads and I’m still cooking comforting stews and curries instead of grilled veg and summery bbqs.

The other day I decided enough was enough I need to get some sunshine food into my day (if just to help me budge the winter pounds I’ve kept on) so I went to the market and bought loads of fruit to make smoothies. I’ll start my day with sunshine with or without the actual sunshine!

I did feel abit silly photographing this smoothie in the garden just as it was about to rain again though (I got a strange look from the neighbour haha) but it made me happy!

The fruit and veg I chose for our breakfast smoothies were bananas, strawberries, mangoes, spinach and limes. I also bought some coconut water as the base because it is really refreshing and good for you.

The great thing about Luton Market is that is has a very strong African / Carribean vibe to it so there were so many exotic fruits to choose from, also the coconut water was so much cheaper than the supermarket. I kept it safe with my choices of fruit this week but I was constantly asking the man who ran the stall what the different items were and how they could be used.

Buying veg off the market is definitely cheaper and you get a lot more of it! But it does come quite muddy and in all different shapes and sizes so it took a while to clean everything up (like the spinach above).

The quantities I use in the smoothie differed each morning, I always have 1 banana then would add a handful of each fruit (in this case strawberries and mangoes), a handful of spinach and then just under half a can of coconut water and blend untill smooth then add the juice of 1/4 lime and stir.

This morning all of the mangoes had been finished so I added a handful of blackberries and used apple juice (not from concentrate) instead of coconut water for a delicious alternative.


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