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I Heart New York Salad bars!

By far the best food we ate when on our honeymoon was in New York, there were healthy options everywhere and it was all very vegetarian friendly. I went from feeling like I’d ballooned up a dress size after over drinking and eating to being on a detox in New York.

Breakfast choices were swapped from an egg bagel or a cheese toastie to bran muffins, fruit salads and egg white omelettes with vegetables and fresh fruit juice! Below is an example of one breakfast I had in Times Square, we had a big day ahead with loads of walking so this breakfast kept me going untill late lunch!

We found this great little deli/ cafe called Speedys (on broadway) and their choices of salads and fruits and rolls was extensive, Oh I loved it. One night after having a few drinks we were hungry and Speedys was still open so I got a salad box filled with fresh lettuce, sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, nuts and seeds, egg and chickpeas! My favourite thing I tried from Speedys was this apple and cinnamon muffin….SO GOOD!

We also found what looked like just a ‘corner shop’ from the front but when we went in it had one of the biggest salad bars ever!Around where I live a salad bar usually looks a little bit sad with just the salad basics, some pasta salad, croutons and thousand island dressing. Here are a few photos.

Spoilt for choice really! I just hoped it was all fresh that day, although the quality did look good so I’m sure it was.

The other thing we tried in New York which is probably a tourist attraction in itself was Bubble Tea! I still don’t even know whether I liked it or not to be honest it was just a very new strange experience. We went for a guava flavoured one instead of the milk varieties and the actual drink tasted abit like flat sprite and the big tapioca balls were chewy and didn’t taste of much!
I enjoyed the fun element and the actual drink was refreshing but I’m still not 100% sold on the idea as a whole.

One last thing I really wanted to share was these amazing mushrooms we found when in China Town, I’ve seen different types of mushrooms before but these were like tiny pieces of art work and their colours were beautiful! If anyone can shed any light on what type they are that’d be great!

Whilst in New York we also visited Katz deli so I’ll be posting about that next week 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Heart New York Salad bars!

  1. How long did it take you to chose from all those salad options?? i think i would still be choosing by dinner time!!

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