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A Garden on my Kitchen Window Sill

The mini garden on my kitchen window sill

I cook with loads of herbs but every time I need a bunch of coriander, basil or parsley it can cost me between 83p and £1.20 which is usually enough for 2 recipes! If a recipe calls for two or three types of herbs, as many do, then it can cost way more than it should! So I decided to grow herbs in my kitchen and I can’t believe how much I have saved already!

Coriander and Basil plants

The Coriander seems a bit more temperamental than the basil, I think it is time to put it into a bigger pot to allow it to grow a bit better. The basil on the other hand is so easy, it just loves water and sunshine. Having herbs on hand means I have just been adding them to random meals, for example the other day I was stir frying some yellow chard, mushrooms and courgette and I simply added some basil leaves, chilli flakes and a pinch of salt and it lifted the whole dish!

These plants I bought as ‘living herbs’ from the supermarket and I have placed them into a punnet I bought some nectarines in to keep the plants neat. I’ve placed them on a plate so I can water them from the bottom and not make a mess!

Mother hen looks after my kitchen garden for me while I’m at work

I also bought some seeds from a great website Allotinabox which encourages you to grow herbs, salads and vegetables in any container showing that you don’t need a garden, vegetable patch or green house to grow your own food. I feel a bit silly because I have all three but keeping small pots in my kitchen just feels a bit more manageable with my busy lifestyle.

I kept some plastic trays which had some free range chicken drumsticks in them originally, I liked them because they were green and quite large so would be great for growing herbs. I started with parsley because this is a herb I like to use all the time, it’s been a slow starter but I finally have one little sprout coming up! It is SO exciting growing something from seed.

Parsley – Can you spot the little plant growing?

Little parsley plant

I’ve also got chives and a tomato plant however the chives don’t seem to be growing and I don’t really know why I started a tomato plant in September! I was just very impatient and wanted it to join my little garden! The tomato plant is in the little red pot that you can see in the top photo.

I have also been sprouting seeds and again I have found this very easy and enjoyable. So far I have sprouted alfafa seeds which were more delicate looking, mung beans which were much chunkier and great on top of a stirfry and now I have a gourmet mix which includes quinoa and lentils. You have to begin by soaking them in water over night in a dark place, I put them in a cupboard with the glasses so that I wouldn’t forget about them. Then you just rinse and drain twice a day untill ready to eat. This lot are nearly ready to eat –

Gourmet mix of seeds nearly ready to be eaten

I have used a tray which originally had mushrooms in it to place the glass germinator on to catch any water that drains out. It’s a great way of recycling these plastic tubs as well as making the window sill look interesting.

All my spare packets of seeds are kept in this cute tea cup ready to be planted. The Saucer has shells around it, a collection from various outings

The great thing about having all of your plants and herbs in pots and on plates is that it is very easy to clean, you can just lift them all off, give it a good clean and then put them all back again! I also just want to point out the beautiful painted heart my sister made for me and Scott for our engagement. She made it and painted it herself and on the back it says “Engagement 2008”. Such a lovely and unique gift.

Things growing on my window sill. Chives are in the little silver pot and tomato plant is in the red pot

Do you have any tips on growing herbs inside? Do you also grow herbs and salads in your house?

14 thoughts on “A Garden on my Kitchen Window Sill

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  3. Hi, I have semi grown chives before – they take forever to get anywhere. After nearly a year we had just the tiny littlest tuft ever. It’s easier to find a generous person with an established plant and get them to divide off a little for you. My chive plant met an early demise at the hands of an aggresively weeding husband which was a little gutting as it had taken over a year to get where it was!

  4. Chives are hardy little things. Mine live outside and have survived the worst of winters in the UK. You may have inspired me with my own post to show my similar array of basil, coriander and rocket (albeit that the rocket is rather like your tomatoes – planted a little late in the season!) Good luck – don’t forget to show us your progress.

    • I’ve got Rocket seeds but I wasn’t sure whether to wait now and plant them next year. I have no idea what to do about my tomato plant, Im wondering if maybe I could keep it alive inside and then it may give me tomatoes next year?! I’ve moved my chives out of the tiny little pot they were in and put them in next to the parsley and I think ones already sprouting so hopefully that was a good move! x

  5. Beautiful kitchen garden! I also love having fresh herbs available right in the kitchen. I had basil, oregano and thyme but they aren’t in very good condition right now. I need to repurchase them at a grocery store soon!

    • thymes another great one to have! I’ve got a rosemary bush out in the garden and its the best because it has literally survived rain, sun and snow without me even paying it any attention x

  6. Very nice! I love recycling containers for seed starting and growing plants in. Parsley is always a bit slow to sprout, but once one pops up, they all quickly follow. I have all my herbs and stuff growing outside at the moment, but I might start a few for wintering inside if I can find a place to put them. I live in an apartment, so I only have two windows and a lot of plants to bring in! Lol.

    • I wasn’t sure what would do ok outside so I’ve kept them all inside for now but I do have a green house which at the moment is empty apart from some pots waiting to be filled so at some point I could move them out there. I just know that once theyre out of sight they’ll probably be out of mind and I’ll forget to go out and water them!Thanks for the letting me know about parsley being slow to sprout, I was worried I’d put it in the wrong pot or something. This morning I can see another 3 sprouts coming up though so very excited!

      • It can be a little tougher once they’re outside since the heat and sun will dry them up so quickly. Glad to hear the parsley is really starting to show…if you think it’s a slow sprouter, should try lavender one day. All except one lavender seed took approx. 3 months to sprout…I thought they were goners for a long time! Lol.

    • I was the same I kept meaning to do it and I had all the seeds, the one day I just did it! I had no idea if I had the right soil etc I just took some straight from the garden but it seems to be ok! It’s fun experimenting. xx

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