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September Foodies Penpals Reveal!

I’ve been reading all of the posts about the Foodie Penpals over the last few months and I finally decided to take part. I was a bit jubious when it first began…receive food from a stranger! and eat it?!?…but after seeing how amazing everyones parcels looked I caved in, and I’m really glad I did because it really was such fun!

The whole idea of Foodie Penpal’s was introduced in America in 2011 by The Lean Green Bean and brought over to the UK by RockSalt. The idea is that you send who ever you are matched up with a parcel with interesting foodie items and then you receive a parcel from some one else. I received my parcel from Abbie who you can find on twitter @abbiehewitt2050, thanks Abbie!!!

I took it all out of the box so hope I haven’t forgotten anything!!

I was really suprised at how much she had fit in the box! There were various spices, chillis, onion and garlic (there was a whole garlic but I already got cooking with it before I had a chance to photograph it all!) and in the card was a recipe for a Jambalaya which uses these ingredients. I thought that was a lovely idea and I’m definitely going to have a go at the recipe!

Look how BIG this garlic is compared to my normal supermarket sized garlic. And it was pink!! πŸ™‚

I LOVE Garlic

I loved the fact she included some purple potatoes, last year I bought purple carrots but I’ve never actually cooked a purple potato before. I’m making a potato pizza this week so I plan to use a variation of white and purple potatoes to make it really pretty.

Purple Potatoes

There were also some treats, in Abbie’s card she said Nerds reminded her of her childhood and I totally agree! Me and Scott had to argue over these for a while but soon we settled for a shared sugar rush πŸ™‚ buzzzz. I don’t drink much coffee but I made a cup of the brand that was in the parcel and it was really nice, it comes in individual sachets too which was helpful because (don’t judge me) I have no idea how much coffee your meant to put in for one cup! NEVER ask me to make you a cup of coffee haha. I also saved one sachet because I am going to make some coffee cup cakes and this would be perfect!


I’m really excited by these vanilla pods, once again this is an ingredient I have never used before. They always seem a bit extravagant to buy for myself when cooking at home so I’m really looking forward to opening them up. I’ve already found recipes such as vanilla poached pears and even some savoury recipes using vanilla pods. Apparently if you don’t cut them open you can use them a few times to flavour sauces which is something I didn’t know.

Vanilla Pods

The parcel also had some amazing looking anchovies, some Bacon Jam (I know!!! sooo crazy but Scott said it tasted really nice and we both loved how unique it is) and some pork crackling. I can’t eat the bacon jam and crackling but Scott was happy that (in his words…)it wasn’t just hippy food. He had the bacon jam on toast as a brunch with some cheese and the crackling with a cold beer whilst we watched the wrestling! For the anchovies Abbie wrote a recipe for anchovies in between sage leaves and fried which sounded great so I’ll definitely try that!

Bacon Jam!

Lastly I just want to mention the cute card which came with the parcel, me and Scott actually have a little collection of cat cards so this one is now on the shelf with the others πŸ™‚

What a cool dude



11 thoughts on “September Foodies Penpals Reveal!

  1. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of Abbie’s parcels last month. I was amazed at how much she crammed in to one parcel, especially as mine had to come to Holland.
    I love the idea of putting all the ingredients for one recipe into one parcel, I absolutely stole this idea from her for this month’s parcels. I’m glad you also thought of it. It’s a winner.

    • I thought so too πŸ™‚ It was funny because I actually sent my penpal ingredients to make a tagine (ginger, lemon, dates, apricots, cous cous, spices etc) so we both had the same idea πŸ™‚

    • I was tempted to dip my finger in and try it just because I was so intrigued by I didnt lol. You don’t have to write a food blog to join in so you should sign up πŸ˜€ the girl I sent my parcel too doesn’t have a blog/ twitter etc x x

  2. Must have been like Christmas receiving all that in a parcel! I think Abbie must have a fabulous deli near her selling such unusual items – they sell the plump pink garlics here in France and one clove goes a long way! Let us know how the Jambalay recipe goes, i have always meant to make it but never found a recipe.

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