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Autumnal Overnight Oats: A perfect Office Breakfast

Figs look beautiful against the creamy white oats

I only discovered over night oats recipes this year, before I would make porridge in my microwave at work with the occassional handful of dried cranberries or raisins thrown in to make it more interesting. In case your wondering, over night oats is a recipe where you soak porridge oats, fruits, seeds etc in soya milk (or your own preference of milk) over night and in the morning you have a lovely fluffy, gooey breakfast! The oats soak up all the milk and the fruits go tender.

I started to realise that eating a variety of all different foods every day was going to be the only way to be the healthiest I could be, sounds obvious but when your pushed for time and watching your weight it’s very easy for meals to become too simple (pasta and tomatoes or a plain sandwich). I’ve become more of a grazer than I was before so now I will have a banana, berry and spinach smoothie around 7am, I will have my over night oats around 8.30-9am at my desk, lunch (usually soup) around 12pm, fruit and often a punnet from my graze box around 2-3pm, a raw fresh juice when I get home at 5.30pm and dinner at 7.30pm. Then I try and not eat anything else!

When I first started making overnight oats I tried blueberries, strawberries and cinnamon which was nice but as the season is changing I wanted to find something abit different. When I do my food shopping list I simply write “Overnight oats fruits” and then browse the shelves seeing what is on offer, what was grown in the UK etc and that way I vary it each week and it’s a chance to get creative.

This combination came about really from the fact that figs were quite cheap (4 for £1 which in the supermarkets here is cheap!) and then when I got home I had a look at what I had in the cupboards. I had tonnes of poppy seeds left over from my cake making, I also had some sunflower seeds and some ground flax, pumpkin seeds and goji berries from the Linwood Superfood range.

Serves 1- Rough measures of what I use

1/4 Cup Porridge Oats
1/2 Cup Soya Milk
1 Fig cut into 8 pieces (I quarter it then cut each quarter in half)
Sprinkle of Poppy seeds
Sprinkle of Sunflower seeds
Sprinkle of nutritional stuff like flax seeds, chia seeds, ground goodness! Check out the Linwoods website in my link above for suggestions
Small Handful Raisins/ Sultanas

Mix all Ingredients together and put in the fridge over night! No cooking needed, the oats will soak up all of the milk and become lovely and creamy over night. I sometimes add a splash more soya milk if it looks like it won’t be enough. This is also another fantatsic way of sneaking some raw foods into your diet, raw figs are a good source of calcium and potassium which helps lower blood pressure, they are also an excellent source of fibre and energy!

Variable options: You could add cinnamon, maple syrup, chopped ripe pears, berries,


4 thoughts on “Autumnal Overnight Oats: A perfect Office Breakfast

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    • Hey, no cooking needed you just mix all the ingredients together and leave it in the fridge over night 🙂 the oats soak up all the milk and its lovely and creamy the next day!

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