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Pumpkin and Apple Gala, Luton Hoo, UK

I started going to the pumpkin and apple gala when my mum had her first food stall there and she sold sauces, soups and home made meals. It was so much fun and we’ve been every year since except last year (because it clashed with our wedding). The Gala includes food stalls, A beer/ cider tent, local businesses selling things, a bird of prey display, dog competitions, pumpkin decorating, farmers market and much more!

Where we usually end up!!

I love this photo because I didn’t realise at the time that the bird had spun its head to also look at me!

This year was a bit smaller than the other years but I went around and talked to everyone and found some great start up businesses that I want to shout about! That’s what I love about going to these events, meeting people who are being creative and setting up their own independant foodie ventures.

Firstly I met a guy who had turned a VW Campervan into a mobile Juice bar called Juice Dub. (Click here for his website) He was selling juices, smoothies and his own invention – a hot smoothie! It tasted like an apple pie it was so delicious.

The campervan is called Mary Jane – isn’t she cute!!

I just love the idea of his business, he keeps everything fresh and focuses on health but in a really cool inviting way. You can hire Juice Dub for parties, festivals and bikini car wash events…love it!

The second small business I found which has only be going for 2 months but really stood out was a company called “Dip In” run by a young guy who has just graduated and wanted to have a go at setting up his own business. I can’t find a website for him but I’ll keep looking!

You’ll have to take my word for it but the artichoke and green olive dip was one of the best things I have ever eaten!! So simple and fresh but packed full of flavour, yum!!

Another company I found which I loved not just because of the delicious food but also how friendly and lovely the ladies running it were is Serendipity Catering (click here for website). They seemed to be having a lot of fun and the quality of the food spoke for itself.

They had a vegetarian quorn mince chilli and a vegan pumpkin chilli which they served in a wrap with salad and optional sour cream. I tried both and opted for the vegan chilli and it was so delicious I could have actually eaten two nom nom. They explained that their catering at the moment is not exclusively vegetarian because of demand but they would like to go in that direction. I think they’d do great selling their chillis and other vegetarian dishes!

There was plenty around to catch the eye but this giant cabbage was un missable. I think I’m a bit of a vegetable fan but I was so excited at the prospect of a cabbage which could literally feed you for a whole year.

Clive with his famous cabbage (He was on the Alan Titchmarsh show!)

There are a few companies which I see every year at the Gala including Edible Ornamentals which is a local chilli grower who sell chilli jams, chillis and other chilli products! They’re stand is always surrounded by people trying all of the delicious little samples and I once bought a chilli tree from them as a present!

Delicious Selection to taste!

I think it’s great to see chillies grown locally and also its even better that they now stock in shops such as Fortnum and Mason and Waistrose!

Another familiar face was the Rapeseed oil stand. The guy working there was very friendly and informed me that cold pressed oils are much better due to the fact that they have not been through such a harsh process. Oils which are heated are also often bleached and flavoured! I asked if Rapeseed oil was the same as Canola oil (I follow so many USA blogs!) and he said yes but Canola oil is produced from GM crops and Rapeseed oil isn’t. I haven’t researched any further on this but it made me think that maybe I will use rapeseed oil a bit more in the future.

Last but not least was the vegetable market which sells fruits and vegetables grown in the Luton Hoo walled gardens by volunteers, they had some fab produce – yup you’ve guessed it …more photos of vegetables!

Pumpkins – wouldn’t be a pumpkin and apple gala without them!

Look at these beautiful cabbages!

Leeks and Parsnips – both seasonal winter veggies perfect with a roast!

That was my fun day out at The Pumpkin and Apple Gala, I’m enjoying going around all these local events I will have to look out for more!

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