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The Kitchen Window Sill update and some advice needed!

About a month and a half ago I shared my new little kitchen window sill garden I had set up because I really wanted to grow my own herbs and I decided it’s time for an update. It’s been really easy to keep going and I have really enjoyed having herbs on hand to enhance any meal. I’ve added basil to my scrambled eggs or stirfrys, coriander to my soups and finally some parsley to my salads!

In my last post my herbs were still in the pots I bought them in but since then I have re potted them into larger containers as they looked like they were bursting out of the pots.

Basil and Coriander – Before

Basil plant – now!

As you can see, my basil plant is still going strong which is great, this plant just loves water and sunshine so it’s in a great place and I try to remember to water is when I can πŸ™‚ unfortunately at the moment my coriander doesn’t look like it’s doing so well and I’m not sure why or what to do! I think it might be the way I have cut the stalks! What do you think?

Slightly worse for wear coriander

My parsley on the other hand has been doing great as well. This is the only one I have actually grown from seed (bought from allotinabox) and for a while I thought it wasn’t going to work and then boom it all grew. I’ve been a bit afraid to start eating it because I want it to get bigger like the basil however I couldn’t wait so have snipped some off which I added to a salad and it was delicious and satisfying!

Parsley plant before – when it was just one teeny little sprout!!

Parsley!! πŸ™‚

Should I just pick the leaves or is it ok to snip the stalk with scissors?Β I was worried because this green pot has no holes in the bottom for the water to drain so I have to be careful when watering it! The other thing I have grown from seed (completely out of season) is the tomato plant. Now here’s where I’d really like some advice –Β Should I keep this plant inside in this pot until next summer or should I move it to a bigger pot and keep it in the kitchen OR should I move it to the greenhouse?Β I don’t even know if this will last but it’s been fun watching it grow. Here is the tomato plant before and after –

Little tomato plant

Bigger tomato plant!

Ok and one last piece of advice needed (thank you for letting me pick your brains! I know I follow a lot of bloggers who are much greener fingered than me) so my basil plant has flowered…does this mean it’s reaching the end of its basil leaf life? Is it like nettles where you shouldn’t eat it once it’s flowered?

8 thoughts on “The Kitchen Window Sill update and some advice needed!

  1. Coriander is a nightmare! It’s not you. It’s ridiculously fussy and a lot of people struggle with it. I’m the same as some of your other commenters and refuse to grow it on my windowsill to escape all the heartache. Basil likes its tips to be removed little and often and try to keep it from flowering. Your Tom looks great and very strong and I’d say it’s ready for a new pot. Try burying it a little deeper up the stalk than it is now: the lack of light will encourage new roots and give you a more stable plant for the future.
    Good luck!

    • Great advice thankyou! I am re potting the tomato plant this weekend so I’ll make sure to plant it a bit deeper. I’ll also watch my basil more carefully to make sure it doesn’t flower again πŸ™‚

  2. I had the same problem with coriander (cilantro) – it seems like a fussy plant! You definitely want to pinch the flowers off of your basil, or it will taste bitter. Other than that, it looks great! Hopefully you can keep it going over the winter…

    • Thanks, yeah I have no idea how it will all go over the winter but hopefully they won’t all die! I’m surprised my basils doing so well I thought that would have been long gone by now, especially as its been soo cold last couple of weeks x

  3. Thank you!! Ah it’s nice to know it’s not just me having trouble with coriander then! I’ll see how it goes after cutting it back abit and if needs be I may try a different herb in that pot instead πŸ™‚ I think considering I paid about Β£1 for the plant I have definitely got my moneys worth! x

  4. What a sweet little garden! I’d say overall you are doing smashingly well. I’ve had terrible trouble growing cilantro/coriander and in fact, have given up on it, realizing it’s easier to buy it than grow it. It bolts before I can get any use at all of it. Must be some secret I’m missing!

  5. Hi Bex,well done with your efforts!! regarding the basil may i suggest you keep picking the top off each stalk regularly as this encourages it to grow & cut off the flowers immediatley as the basil will become tough after flowering. It is fine to cut the parsley/basil with scissors. I cut my parsley right down and then wait for it to grow up again ready to harvest. i suggest you get the parsley into a pot with drainage asap and then throw a lot more parsley seed to get another batch coming. Coriander is notorious for being difficult, it’s not the way you cut the stalks-my latest batch produced 3 stalks and flowered (bolted) immediately. i let it flower & turn to seed then used the seeds. Try another batch.The tomato plant! it is clearly happy where it is, as they all seem to be, so leave it there or repot it if the roots are coming out of the bottom and it may flower yet! keep trying, i was cautious & unconfident all those years ago but persevered & look at my poly tunnel now! Love Mum xxx

    • Hi mum, thanks I went and cut all the flowers off last night and I’m using loads of basil tonight in a soup recipe so that’ll use some of it up πŸ™‚ the coriander I think I’ll just cut it back a bit and then let it re grow! and this morning I checked the tomato plant and its roots are coming out of the bottom of the little red pot! So guessing I should put it in a larger pot!! thanks for all the help πŸ™‚ it is fun growing things!

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