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Product Review – ‘805 Foods’ Hot Chilli Sauces

I was contacted by 805 foods a couple of weeks ago about reviewing some of their sauces, I don’t usually do a lot of product reviews but this brand caught my eye because their flavours were punchy and the ingredients list was short and natural. I was kindly sent the sauces through the post and also a link to some recipes on their website to give suggestions for how best to use the sauces. But being a food blogger I thought I’d come up with my own 😉

The sauces are suitable for vegetarians (and vegans), gluten free, free from additives, preservatives and artifical colours.

The Original Hot Monika Sauce has a very strong flavour and a real kick to it! The first thing I did when I received the pack was open it up and stick a spoon in to try it. I really should have taken a smaller spoonful because it did nearly blow my head off however the chilli hit was soon smoothed out by the softer peppery tomato flavour. On their website it says the sauces are pre cooked so they can be eaten straight from the pot as a dip or condiment however I knew straight away I wanted to heat this up for a nice warming spicy dinner.

Tofu Steaks cooked in Hot Monika Sauce served with Sweet potato wedges ands Broccoli

I sliced my Tofu and pressed it to make it firm, then heated some oil in a pan and started off by frying the tofu for a few minutes on each side. Then I spread some sauce on one side and after a few minutes I flipped the tofu over and added some more sauce to the other side. Once the tofu was nice and browned and the sauce was hot I served it up with some sweet potato wedges and some broccoli (to help balance out the spice). The tofu and the hot sauce were a perfect match and balanced each other out perfectly.

I enjoyed cooking with this sauce as I liked the strong colours and chilli kick, my only downside was the oil content which I felt slightly over powered the taste of the sauce. After mentioning this to 805 Foods they explained that they add in slightly more oil because they use no preservatives so one suggestion would be to seperate off some of the oil and use it as a flavoured chilli oil. I think this would be much better as (like many people would) I just poured it straight from the tub and had to blot up the oil!

Over all though this is a delicious and versatile sauce. Next I tried the Bell and Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce! I dipped a spoon into this one almost immediately after the Hot Monika sauce so it may be because my mouth was already on fire but I thought it was slightly less in your face with more of a growing warming spicy edge to it. It was a much cleaner flavour with plenty of chilli and again a nice simple ingredients list. This one was definitely my favourite.

There were plenty of things I’d like to cook with this sauce (for example I could imagine using it to make a spicy toastie with some spinach and tofu) but for now I decided it would be a perfect way to spice up one of my favourite side dishes. Usually I make this dish more mediterreanean with some basil and paprika but it worked perfectly with the scotch bonnet chillies.

Pepper and Onion Stew flavoured with Bell and Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

In a large deep frying pan heat some oil and gently fry thin slices of  1 onion and 3 peppers (I used 2 red and 1 green pepper). Once softened stir in around 3 tablespoons of the 805 sauce and 1 can tomatoes. Continue to cook untill the sauce has thickened and the peppers are nice and soft. Serve along side some spicy tofu, with a cous cous or rice dish or even in a jacket potato.

I really liked the Bell and Scotch Bonnet sauce, it had a deep chilli flavour and worked well with sweeter flavours such as peppers. I like their slogan too “Foods for a better living”.

They also sell a creamy Garlic and Herb dip and are soon to bring out some spice seasonings which will compliment their sauces and bring a different edge to their product range.

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