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Vegan Sausages: Where are you!?!

So I was whipping up dinner last night and we were having an old favourite – Sausage and Bean Casserole (made with baked beans!) from my Weight Watchers vegetarian cookbook and half way through cooking I realised that in my vegan month I won’t be able to eat these sausages! I don’t eat any other meat substitutes such as veggie bacon/ burgers or “chicken” pieces because I don’t really like them but sausages are my go to easy meal.

I would never have even thought about quorn as being a non vegan product untill someone told me that it is made with eggs. So I decided to do a little google search for vegan sausages available in the supermarket in the UK and well I couldn’t find many. Instead I’ll have to try to get to a health food shop as well as my supermarket, luckily I found a great health food shop around the corner from my work so I really really hope they stock some of these brands! Here are some of the brands I’ve found which I would like to try:

Linda McCartney Foods – Vegan Sausages:

“Vegetarian sausages made from a blend of seasoned cereal and vegetable protein. Vegan friendly, contains – gluten, wheat and sulphur dioxide”

Linda McCartney Sausages

I see these sausages in the supermarket all the time and I had never realised they were vegan! I will definitely be trying these and fingers crossed they’re a tasty alternative to my favourite Cauldron Quorn sausages. The pack makes them look appealing and it’s nice to see they can brown up nicely.

You can buy these from all the major supermarkets as well as Holland and Barrett’s, how did I miss this!

Fry’s Traditional Sausages:

“Egg, dairy, garlic, onion, nut and cholesterol free with no artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorings and no hydrogenated fats or GMO ingredients. FRY’s Traditional Sausages are approved by The Vegan Society and The Vegetarian Society and they are Kosher, Shuddha and Halaal.”

Fry’s Sausages

The photo on the box doesn’t look very appealing to me, my quorn sausages are speckled with herbs which I’ve always loved but these look a bit pasty. I haven’t tasted them yet though so I won’t judge by the photo. I understand there are onion and garlic allergy sufferers but I’m thinking the lack of those flavours might take from the flavour. Has anyone tried these?

You can buy these sausages in Holland and Barrett or health food stores so hopefully will be easy to find and try!

Taifun Organic Grill Sausages:

“Organic, Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients, Organic, Suitable for Vegans”

Taifun Sausages

I’ve enjoyed Taifun products in the past, such as their basil tofu, so I’d definitely like to try these. They look like a funny colour but maybe when they have been browned up in a pan or under the grill they may look more appealing. Not sure 4 in a pack will go far in my house but they look quite big so maybe you need less sausages for one portion.

I like that they are organic and it will be interesting seeing the texture since they are made from tofu. Also look at that lovely speckled herby effect! Yum!

You can buy these from Waitrose and health food stores.

Redwood Veggideli Sausages:

“Free From Animal Products, Free From Artificial Colourings, Free From Artificial Preservative, Cholesterol Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, GMO Free, Free From Hydrogenated Fats/Oils, Meat Free”

Redwoods Gourmet Lincolnshire Sausages

These sausages actually look pretty good, I’ve seen them before in the health food shop and they’re not too expensive. I think the photo of the sausages is a little misleading because at first glance it looks like they’re herby and spiced but then you realise that’s the gravy!

You can buy these online at Redwoods website or from health food shops.

So after a little research it turns out maybe I won’t be going without my bangers and mash after all. I mean who could get through bonfire season without eating sausages!!! I may even find a brand which I like so much that even after my vegan month I will continue to eat them over the quorn products.

I haven’t included some other sausage products I found such as vegan continental sliced sausage or vegan chorizo because that’s not really what I like to eat but there are brands out there so do look out for them if you fancy a vegan pepperoni pizza.

Do you have a favourite brand of vegan sausage? Have I missed any brands? Have you tried any of these?

20 thoughts on “Vegan Sausages: Where are you!?!

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  2. I use the Linda McCartney sausages in a sausage and bean casserole and they work really well, v yummy! Would def recommend and I know they sell them at most supermarkets. They are on offer in Tesco a lot and are v reasonable

  3. i love linda’s! i add them to stews and casserols when im feeling like i need a lil’ bit more “bite” in my food, everyone in my house loves them too! i did vegan month a few years back and ive been vegan ever since! good luck!

  4. Good vegan sausages are hard to find here in the USA too. I’m also gluten-free so that makes it doubly difficult to get them. We make our own out of blackeyed peas, sundried tomato and other delicious things with lots of cumin and coriander. Good luck!

    • Ah yes a lot of these products aren’t suitable for gluten allergy sufferers, your own recipe sounds amazing with the sundried tomatoes to give it that nice deep colour. Is the recipe on your blog? X

  5. I’d go for the Linda McCartney anytime (although I haven’t tried all the others)… I just can’t stand ‘fake meat’ and at least the Linda McCartneys don’t try to be like meat and they’re quite moreish…. or you could just make your own? My recipe for Veggie Nosages beats all these hands down (i reckon!)… then you can make them any flavour you like, packed with herbs etc… just use some nutritional yeast to add the ‘cheesy’ flavour

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