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Simple Tofu Scramble with Grilled Tomatoes

I decided to try tofu scramble for my breakfast the other day. I’m in two minds about this recipe because I don’t feel that tofu/ Soya products are that good for you but at the same time it is a great alternative to scrambled eggs, it tastes nice and it is very versatile! I suggest eating this as a treat once a week rather than every day.

The great thing about scrambles is that you can add anything to it, recently I’ve been adding spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, paprika, garlic, chillies, fresh herbs and even some veggie sausages…yes sometimes all at the same time! I have done a basic recipe here keeping the flavour quite simple so that you can add whatever you fancy! I’ve based it on my previous breakfast offering of Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Tomato Sauce which is still my favourite 🙂

Scrambled Eggs with tomatoes

Feel free to add asparagus to the list of things to serve with your tofu scramble!! Tofu scramble really is very simple, take a block of tofu, slice off the amount you want to eat and then mash it in a bowl with a fork. I added my flavourings whilst it was cooking so first heat a pan with a little oil if you want or just use a good non stick pan and add your tofu scramble. Then add a sprinkle of Dried Basil, Garlic Powder, Torn Fresh Basil and Salt and Pepper. These flavours just take the edge off the tofu flavour and create a nice base for your toppings.

I’ve recently been cutting down on carbs so I have been bulking up my scrambles with vegetables which works really nicely. I find that if you cook your veg first then add your tofu it is better than cooking them all at the same time because your veg are then nice and soft and your tofu is not too broken down. You can cook it however you like!!

Tofu Scramble with Grilled Cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

I haven’t actually started my month of vegan yet because I went to see a dietician and I left feeling absolutely confused and to be honest a little down trodden about where I should go from here. We decided that I needed to at least postpone my vegan month because my food diary showed that, even though on the surface I’m eating quite healthy, when you dissect it I am just eating fruit, veg and carbs with hardly any protein and any good fats. I need to get myself to a point where I am in the habit of bulking up my meals with more vegetarian friendly ingredients such as nuts, seeds, flax, hemp, oils, lentils and beans, iron etc.

Sigh, I’ll probably post again regarding this but for now I think my blog is going back to being vegetarian, still with plenty of vegan recipes because my ideas naturally gravitate towards the more plant-based natural foods.

What is your favourite vegan breakfast? Have you tried Tofu Scramble before?

5 thoughts on “Simple Tofu Scramble with Grilled Tomatoes

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  4. Nutrition is definitely confusing: so many people are trying to sell you their diet pills/plan/book/pre-made meals. I’d say read the research, because anyone can publish a partially true book and sell it as ‘opinion’ and anyone who points out the flaws is a ‘critic’

    I LOVE tofu scramble. I put everything in it: sundried tomato, nutritional yeast, spinach, jalapenño, onion and then we eat it with home made artichoke and mushroom sausage, home made bread with jam and/or eggplant bacon.

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