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Monday Night RAW: The WWE fan and the Raw food fan in me combined

When me and Scott first moved in together around 4 years ago he watched the WWE wrestling and I definitely didn’t. In fact I’d never watched it before in my life, so I used to walk past and poke my head round the corner to see what it was like, mainly out of curiosity and also all those bright colours are so distracting! But I never actually sat with him to watch it!

Around 6 months ago I finally decided that I wanted to watch one of the shows with him to see what it was all about, also there seemed to be SO much wrestling on that I decided if I wasn’t going to get into it then I may never see him. So we sat down and I was reminded not to take the mick and keep an open mind. I watched, I squealed, I laughed, I chanted and I hid behind a cushion and now I’m hooked.

I’m a sucker for a story so I try to not watch any shows I know might take over my life, once Ive got into it I have to keep watching until they literally take it off the air (dam you friends I am in a never ending loop of your loveable characters!). Now I’ve only gone and done it, this isn’t like getting into something which shows 1 hour a week…..this is FIVE hours a week….and I can’t escape because “Next week, so and so will be fighting and we will reveal more about this storyline…”

I do love it though and I found my self sitting watching Monday Night RAW and glancing up at my newly acquired RAW food recipe books and thinking “that would be a fun little feature”. I have a terrible sense of humour so I thought I would capitalise on that and make you all cringe with some WWE referenced jokes πŸ™‚

I only post about Monday Night RAW on facebook and twitter (thats where lots of random fun happens) but I thought Id share some of my horribly terrible jokes which accompany some pretty cool Raw food finds!! the idea here was to high light some great raw recipes out there on the internet!

WARNING: The following recipes are AWESOME! Don’t eat all at once unless you want to be the size of The Big Show!

RAW Romantic dinner for two from Sweetly Raw blog…. Maybe John Cena and AJ may be needing this πŸ˜‰ ….or Daniel Bryan and Kane!

Raw romantic dinner for two by Heather over at Sweetly raw blog

RAW Gingersnap cookie bon bons from Diet Dessert n Dogs….. To quote my all time favourite wrestler Sheamus “Have you ever seen a ginger snap?” hehe well we have but never raw ones! These look delicious πŸ™‚

Raw Gingersnap bon bons from the blog diet, dessert and dogs

RAW Witches fingers from Fork n Beans Blog….Almost as scary as watching Eve work her evil magic causing trouble with the divas…BOOO to Eve, YAY to Cara!

Raw witches fingers from Cara at fork n Beans blog

RAW Apple Pie from Farmers Market Vegan blog…. Apple pie is the champion of all puddings but unlike the WWE champion this one deserves some respect!

Raw apple pie from The Farmers Market Vegan

RAW Maple Caramel Apples from Raw Food Recipes website…….three little words to sum this one up! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE!

Raw maple caramel apples from

RAW Pizza Tag Team match! We have Pizza Bella from the Taste Space blog and their tag team partner RAW Cream cheese pizza from The Copycat Cook blog.

Raw portobello pizza from the taste space blog

Raw Pizza from the Copycat cook blog

Do you watch the wrestling? Do you love RAW foods? Do you have a RAW food recipe you want to be immortalised along side my epic humour on this fun little feature?

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