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Mushroom and Celeriac Soup with Porcini ‘Glitter’ and Walnut Croutons

Quick go see the recipe over at This is Rocksalt

I’ve done a guest post! 🙂 The recipe for this soup can be found over at RockSalt blog! Blogger Carol Ann is taking part in the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) challenge where she will be writing a novel in just 30 days.  From what I can tell on Facebook the progress seems to be going very well! Good luck for this last stretch! 🙂

This soup is creamy, rich in flavour and given a nice little spice hit by adding a dried porcini and dried chilli dust (it sparkles so I call it glitter). I added walnuts as a crunchy element instead of bread croutons as I’m trying to eat less carbs and more good things like nuts and seeds at the moment.

I hope you enjoy and thanks again to Carol Ann for letting me do a guest post for her 🙂

10 thoughts on “Mushroom and Celeriac Soup with Porcini ‘Glitter’ and Walnut Croutons

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  2. I LOVE soup and even though its heating up here in Tasmania at the moment I will be sure to make room for this beautiful soup before it gets too hot 🙂

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