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Kale and Tomato Herby Fritatta: Vegetarian Breakfasts

I thought I’d focus on my two favourite breakfasts this week, eggs with kale and tomatoes and also baked beans on toast. Recently I’ve just been stirfrying the kale and serving it with scrambled eggs for minimum fuss but I prefer a fritatta because it is neater and more of a complete meal.


When it comes to breakfast I think simple is best, you’ve just woken up and you fancy a slice of toast and a cup of tea. Only problem is that’s not a very balanced start to your day and I personally prefer to start my day with a filling, nutritious meal including eggs and greens.

You may think it’s a bit extreme to eat kale for breakfast but I promise you that stirfried and seasoned, this dark green leaf is so delicious mixed with the creamy eggs. If you simply can’t do it then swap the kale for spinach, another iron rich green which is perfect at breakfast time.

So to keep this fritatta simple I kept the ingredients quite minimal, just enough to make this a bit more special than just your average egg dish but still simple non the least. You can make one large fritatta to share between two or you can make two mini ones like I have.

Serves 2

2 Large handfuls Kale
Small Bunch Parsley
Small Bunch Mint (approx 12-15 leaves)
2 Garlic Cloves
4 Spring Onions
4 Large Eggs
2 Tomatoes

Wash and chop the kale and herbs and crush the garlic cloves. Heat some oil in a frying pan and then stirfry the kale, herbs and garlic with a pinch of salt for around 2-3 minutes then add the chopped spring onions and continue to cook, stirring often, untill the kale has wilted. Around 5 more minutes.

Place thin slices of tomato into the bottom of two small round pie dishes/ tart dishes and then fill with the kale mixture.

Beat two eggs and then pour the eggs over the kale into the dishes. Use a fork to just move the kale around to allow the eggs to run down and fill the dish.

Place under a hot grill for 12-15 minutes untill the top and sides are firm, then turn it out on to a baking tray and place back under the grill untill the tomato lined bottom has browned and the egg is cooked through.


What’s your favourite breakfast? Do you like kale? I will post the recipe for my home made heinz style baked beans later in the week 🙂

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