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Wheat and Gluten Free: Week One

More changes for me!! At the moment this is just a change I have been advised to make for three weeks to see if it is something I should eliminate or not, kind of like a trial and error test I guess. Although I think it will last for 5 weeks because Christmas falls in these three weeks so my next appointment with the dietician/ personal trainer isn’t untill mid Jan!

When I became vegetarian I repeated the same reason for this change over and over “I have started learning and reading about nutrition, the treatment of animals and health in general and I feel like I need to remove myself from the whole picture and only re introduce things if I feel I can believe and trust in them. I will spend my time learning about the meat industry and also what I should be eating for optimum health and over all I will do whats best for the environment and for my self”.

Well over a year later and I’ve learnt a lot but I have not really pin pointed what my ideal diet is, and I mean for myself as an individual not what someone else has written, and I have been reading a lot about the meat industry but I still don’t know where I stand other than I still do not eat meat. Although I now only buy Scott free range, organic meat which is more expensive but much better for the animals and for him!

Anyway so my wheat and gluten-free week – well! I have lost weight again, but this seems to be something that happens every time I make a change and then slowly it levels out again. I have found it easy during the week because I am good at being disciplined when I have a strict routine. It’s the weekend I’m nervous about when I have no structure and I do more snacking and I don’t have set times of the day where my meals fall like I have during the week.

It hasn’t necessarily been hard but I realised that I need to be vigilant with my label checking! This week I have eaten soup for lunch every day and I also had soup for dinner one night and it was only yesterday when I went to make a new batch that I realised the stock cubes I have been using contain wheat and gluten!! I hadn’t even thought about it and I felt annoyed at myself because I know I should follow my own advice and make my own stock! So this is what I’ll do this weekend.

The only other time I cheated (!) was when we went to a gig Tuesday night and everyone was having a drink, usually I’d join in and have a beer but I wanted to do well so I had a cider (which I checked before hand was wheat and gluten free friendly). Unfortunately the bar ran out of cider (not because of me!!) so I caved in and had a pint of beer! *Slaps own wrists*

So you may think “why go on a wheat and gluten free diet if you’re not allergic”. Well I’ll be very honest, I suffer from bad skin and I’ve tried so many different ways to clear it up and it’s never really gone away. This dietician I have seen a couple of times said that according to the Chinese Meridian charts problems with your digestion in your intestines and stomach can actually show on your skin, particularly your jaw line! So he suggested I cut it out to see if this is something which has been irritating my stomach and therefore irritating my skin!

As you can see from the above pictures problems with the small and large intestines and the stomach all focus energy around your face and jaw line! This is why I need to make sure that next week I am conscious of making my own stock, avoiding beer!! and throwing myself into this change to see if it makes a difference.

Also cutting out wheat and gluten or at least cutting back on it can be good for weight loss. Ive been carrying around a comfy extra 5 pounds since I got married and so the changes I keep making are also to help me get this off and keep it off! The website Apt Personal Training said “Avoid all wheat and gluten products. Many of us eat too much bread and many other foods that we don’t even realise contain wheat. Over exposure to wheat and gluten can lead to an intolerance, which can cause bloating and feel quite a discomfort at times. Give your body a rest from it and you will soon notice the difference”.

This week I have noticed that my stomach has been much flatter even though I am still eating the same amount of food, just different foods! I’ve also had a few comments from people saying I looked a bit slimmer so I think it’s working 🙂 usually I’d say “oh no thanks but I’m still trying” but I found this quote from my workout guru Jillian Michaels and it made me think we should all follow this advice more –

When friends tell you how awesome you look, drop the “I still have more to go” crap.  You worked hard and you deserve the compliment!  ~Jillian Michaels

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