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Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London, UK

I hope you all had a lovely christmas day! We spent it with my dad, his wife and my 3 sisters and 2 brothers! lots of cuteness and hyperness What a fun day!!! I don’t have photos from yesterday unfortunately however I do have some photos to share from our trip to London’s Winter Wonderland a few week ago. I personally love German style Christmas markets, we go to the ones in Birmingham every year, but this year we also went to the rather large Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and it was just fantastic. It has the markets within a village style layout but there are also food stalls, pubs, fair ground rides, ice skating, live music and so much mo

I wanted to share some photos from the day, to be honest this isn’t really very food related! Me and Scott went together on a date so the main priority was to have fun and not so much to document the food πŸ™‚ but I think you will see that fun related outings can be just as entertaining as food related outings!

WW beer

First beer of the day should always be documented! To be compared to the photo from the last beer of the day of course!

Me and Scott have a tradition of documenting our first beer of the day πŸ™‚ it makes u laugh the next morning to see how the night unveils! In this case I was freezing so a beer was needed!

WW Barbie

Sickly sweet but worthy of a photo opportunity!

I personally can’t stand marzipan! I always pick it off the Christmas cake along with the icing. But Barbie marzipan, I don’t know that just seems genius! It looks so cute and very imaginative. I will have to try do a Barbie themed post next year haha!

WW viking

Yes you are reading right- mulled Viking blood! Mwahaha

We found this great stall selling honey, wax candles and sculptured and mead! We tried some samples of the mulled mead and mulled Viking blood, it was nice! It was sweeter than ale and a rich red colour. I wish we’d bought some to take home!

WW sausages


I couldn’t eat these sausages this year but the sight of the big swinging grills over the real fire bring back fond memories of Christmas! This sums up the German theme of the markets really! Sausages and ale! I actually ended up eating stir fried veg which wasn’t very substantial but it filled a hole for a little while.

WW big wheel

Beautiful way to see across London!

I love going on big wheels! Nothing beats the London eye which I promise gives you an amazing view across London, from Hyde park though this big wheel still gives you an amazing view. I always think going on a big wheel, at night so you can look across all the lights of the city is so romantic! πŸ™‚

WW crisps

Yes…this is one long swirly crisp on a stick! You can sell anything to tourists!

I more took a photo of this because it annoyed me. Β£4 for a big crisp on a stick!! Β£4 whaaaat. It’s a fun idea and a bit of a novelty (like Barbie marzipan) but I felt this was a complete rip off.

WW fire

I do love photos of fire πŸ™‚

I had to include a photo of the fire, we wondered into this big open bar and in the middle wa a big round fireplace surrounded by families and couples all feeling festive and having cuddles…and smooches! I love fire, it’s mesmerising and so beautiful to watch. I love trying to capture the movement of the flames in a photo, it’s difficult but I’m getting there!

WW Stein

1 litre stein of German beer!

I thought I’d round this post up with an end of night photo…I know, it’s a monster stein! I promise we don’t usually drink SO much hehe but we couldn’t resist buying these litre steins of German beer! The night ended in a wooden Bavarian bar with karaoke, dancing and lots of beer splashing stein clashing cheers across the table.

Just want to quickly add that I’m sorry the blog has been a bit slow over Christmas, those who follow me on Facebook will know I’ve been feeling really sorry for myself as I spent last weekend in bed with a really bad cold! I’m feeling better now and I’ve got plenty to come in the new year! We’re with Scott’s family now so I will be back at the weekend πŸ™‚ x

8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London, UK

  1. It’s all about the garlic and fried potato at Birmingham, The Birmingham/German Market gets so busy at the weekends that a lot of people stay away from town because of it. I went with my nephew and only lasted about 30 minutes !

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