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New year, New resolutions, New projects!

New Years resolutions…. Last year I set myself ongoing goals to be productive, enhance my cookery skills and look after myself both physically and mentally and I’ll definitely continue this on for the next year.

I set myself a goal to become qualified in my job which I didn’t complete but I did get a few exams closer which is a good start! The second goal I set was to start the painting I’ve been meaning to do and I’m gutted to say that I still haven’t achieved this either! Unfortunately life seems so busy that when I think I’ll put aside an afternoon to paint something happens or the phone rings or the pile of washing up screams at me! This year I want to at least start the painting!!

One goal I did achieve was to finally bake Scott a cake, fine I incorporated it into a blog project but still 🙂 in fact I didn’t just bake one cake, I baked 8 cakes!!

In January 2012 I started my Friday challenge project to help me try new ingredients and branch out with my cooking and it’s been great! Next year I’m going to do something similar but instead of using new ingredients I am going to try new techniques. I no longer find myself always saying “ooh I’ve never tried that before” but I do find myself saying “ooh I’ve never tried cooking like that before”. If you get my gist!

I may call it something silly like “technique of the week” or “the technique geek” I will decide and surprise you all 🙂

I am starting with poaching…apparently that’s different from boiling! So I’m excited to see what on earth poached vegetables taste like! Only a true foodie could get excited by poached carrots!

I’m looking forward to 2013 and I hope it is as good if not better than 2012! Thank you everyone who reads and follows me. It’s been so exciting to meet new people, be inspired by new friends and to learn from all you amazing bloggers! 🙂 once more (last time I promise) happy new year x

11 thoughts on “New year, New resolutions, New projects!

  1. Funny isn’t it how we can all make the most simple things so hard some time! Happy New Year and good luck with all your resolutions!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Set yourself specific deadlines for each goal and you should find it easier to achieve them. Good luck. Look forward to hearing all about poached carrots.

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