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Brighton: A city close to my heart!


Colourful doorways built under the walkway along the sea front.

Brighton has become like a second home to us. We came here for the first time together on our mini honeymoon and the memories of that wonderful weekend are made even better by the fact that we have continued to create new special memories every time we go back. From the moment we step off the train and head down to the sea front to make our way to the fantastic Pelirocco hotel I can feel myself relaxing, all worries drift out to sea.

It’s not just the fact were on holiday that makes me feel so happy and its not just the sound of the sea that makes me feel relaxed, it’s the friendly people and interesting architecture. It’s the quirky shops, free spirited fashion and huge variety of restaurants and bars.

It brings out my creative side and I can’t help finding beauty in every detail of the city! Needless to say, it is obvious I am in love with Brighton!


Every pebble is beautifully unique.

For our birthdays this year we took the train down to Brighton on a Thursday and came home on the Monday after. Some of the things we got up to included an afternoon playing in the arcade on the pier – the machines where you drop 2p in to a slot and try to use it to nudge more 2ps off a ledge is so addictive! It makes you feel like a kid again 🙂

We had a few walks along the beach, we were lucky to have bright weather when it had been predicted to rain. We also had tickets to the Brighton tattoo convention which was so much fun. We sat with a couple of beers and ‘people watched’ for hours, admiring the quirky fashion, big hair and endless ink proudly on display. The event was held in the Hilton hotel which is very classy and it was good fun to see the shiny hallways filled with leather jackets and doc martens!


Brighton is full of artwork, graffiti and sculptures. It brings character to the city!

Another thing I love about Brighton is the artwork on display at every corner, there is official artwork being show cased but also more free style pieces such as amazing graffiti and murals painted on the sides of shops. Unlike messy tags and profanities which graffiti can become, they have a great balance of unique personal style and crowd drawing points of interest.

The sculpture pictured above was first placed there in 1998 and was renovated due to damage in 2007. The artist is called Charles Hadcock and the piece was funded by The National Lottery. It had mixed reviews when it was put up but I personally love it, it’s strong, rustic and full of possible meanings and interpretations… Just how art should be in my mind.


I could spend every day sat on this beach lost in thoughts, happiness!


It wouldn’t be the British seaside without a seafood hut!

You can walk around for hours and the scene changes, you go from generic shopping centre and high street chain restaurants through trendy wine bars and boutiques to the boho vintage vegan friendly lanes. One day we walked into a park and stumbled across the council building…in amongst the modern shop fronts is the most extravagant building ever! The photo below is the entrance to the council gardens. Isn’t it fab!!


Extravagant architecture


The Aladdin’s cave of spices

I had loads of fun in this shop, the woman working that day was more than happy to describe spices I hadn’t heard of before and chat about different uses of ones I was more familiar with. I decided to buy these Annatto seeds because I had no idea what they were and thought it would be interesting to have a go at using them. Annatto seeds are used mainly as a colouring in foods such as cheese (specifically Red Leicester) and it can be used by boiling the seeds or infusing oil with them.

I’m not sure what I will use them in yet but I’m tempted to try things like risotto and maybe using it to colour tofu! You can find more information on these seeds here.


Traditionally used as a natural food colouring in items such as Red Leicester cheese

I also picked up these spinach and beetroot powder which could also be used as colourings, the lady suggested using the beetroot in cakes as colouring such as red velvet so I’m very excited to try that! It sounds a lot less messy that using fresh beetroot which just gets everywhere!


I’m not sure about the spinach powder, I can imagine using it to make coloured flat breads, spinach muffins or to create green sauces! I can’t wait to start experimenting!


Brighton, we’ll be back! Thank you for being an amazing city and if anyone has any suggestions of cool things to do when we’re back that’d be fab!!

Do you have a regular city you go to on holiday? What’s your favourite city in your home country, in the world?

9 thoughts on “Brighton: A city close to my heart!

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      • Phew… It would be a travesty to be a veggie and not eat there! I’ve not eaten at food for friends but the cookbook is nice and it could be worth seeking out! X

        • Yes it has good reviews but we haven’t tried it yet, also last visit we saw there was a new vegan centre being opened opposite terre a terre which will have a restaurant, learning centre and cooking classes. Will definitely be checking it out when it opens 🙂

  2. Cheers for sharing Brighton with we Antipodeans who have no idea what/where it is apart from in the UK :). Those beaches look like our little pebble beaches here in Tassie. The rest of Australia has those mile long pure white sand blinding beaches and we have pebbles…go figure? Maybe we are Australia’s Brighton? 😉

      • We live on the Tamar River (you also have one of these down south 😉 ) and our front gate is just across the road from the river bank and our pebbles come complete with nice thick black silty mud and oysters so no barefoot walking for us! 😉

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