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Gluten Free Easter: Paleo Banana Muffins Recipe Review


Paleo banana muffins

As well as making a carrot cake for Scott’s mum I also made these amazing banana muffins for Scott’s dad. I chose another gluten free recipe because I didn’t want to contaminate the kitchen with flour but also because it is better for you. I imagine the cake and muffins will get shared around the family, always a scary moment when it’s your own cooking!

I found these muffins on ‘With Style and Grace Blog’, an absolutely stunning gluten free recipe blog. I have found loads I want to cook and the photography is inspiring.
I was really drawn to this recipe because there is no added sugar and it includes flax seeds, it is also sweet enough to be a nice present…healthy yet a treat!


I was really pleased with how crumbly they were!

I have read bits and bobs about the Paleo diet and I found it really interesting, but its not something I am going to be trying any time soon. It has some amazing health benefits but at the moment cutting out meat, dairy and gluten is enough for me to concentrate on!

You need really ripe bananas for banana bread, I quite enjoyed picking out the oldest looking bananas knowing I may have saved a few from being thrown away at the end of that day. I personally can’t stand eating ripe bananas by themselves but in baking they add a necessary sweetness.


I think the different sizes make them rustic…..

I doubled the recipe which made 15 and most made it up to the family but a few got eaten straight away…and I snuck 2 in the freezer to have next week 🙂

I’d definitely recommend these, they were really easy to make and they’d be perfect for a breakfast or snack!

One thought on “Gluten Free Easter: Paleo Banana Muffins Recipe Review

  1. There tons of research regarding diabetes and other conditions, they say that a good low carb diet can help prevent all of these. With the right kind of foods, you are likely to have better results when it comes to your lifestyle.

    I have personally tried the Paleo diet and it really helped me a lot especially with the battle against diabetes. There is nothing more to say about it except that it really works.

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