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My Day at the Seaside: Whitstable, UK


We walked for miles down the beach 🙂

The reason British people complain about the weather so much is because it is just so unpredictable. A beautiful week can quickly turn to a dull, grey and wet weekend but sometimes it can work the other way around! Just when you need it too, the sun can come out with perfect timing!

I had rescheduled seeing my friend Liz a couple of times because of work (we’ve been friends for 22 years!!) and had been feeling fed up with being so busy all the time but when I finally got a day off to drive down to the beautiful seaside town of Whitstable it felt like it had all been delayed for a reason. Life had been saying “Not yet…just wait and you will be rewarded” 🙂

The weather was absolutely beautiful and a perfect day to stroll down the beach, paddle in the sea, eat ice creams in the sunshine and scoff fish and chips with a view of the blue sea! Who needs to go abroad when you have a beaches like Whistable in the UK to visit! I haven’t toured the UK coast much in my life, I was born in Torquay (Devon) so I’ve spent days on the beaches along the Devonshire south coast whilst visiting family and I have spent the odd weekend in Folkestone, Brighton or Suffolk but I would love to see more!


One thing I love about UK beaches are the brightly coloured beach huts that are iconic features of the British coast line. Some people had gone for pale pastel colours which matched the golden pebbles and light blue skies but as you can see here some people have dared to be a bit different! I personally LOVE both of these, I think one day when I own my own house the interior will look this bright and happy 🙂


A lot of the beach huts stood empty as it is not quite the season yet however some had people enjoying the sunshine, eating a picnic out on the veranda and one guy was even sat strumming a guitar. What a blissful way to spend the day!


This friendly dog came to say hello to me 🙂

The sun was warm enough to dip a toe in the sea and then sit and chill while the sun naturally dried them 🙂 there were lots of people out walking their dogs and this cutie pie came to join us for a swim! I made friends with him!

I even got to see the freshly caught lobsters and oysters which Whitstable are famous for! And I bought a bottle of locally brewed Whitstable lager home for Scott, I like to buy local ale and lager where ever I visit.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather too! I’ve got some fun summery recipe ideas to share over the next few months, I just hope it stays sunny (unlikely!)

What’s your favourite thing about the seaside? What are the beaches like where you live?

10 thoughts on “My Day at the Seaside: Whitstable, UK

  1. My sister lives in Whitstable! It is a cool little beach town for sure. Windy Corner is a must for breakfast (and lunch in fact). I’ll be down there in June for some good beach hut time and a few local ales Im sure. Happy days, lee

  2. I had to go hunting to remind me where I had heard “Whitstable” before…Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall! Love the photos and the sunny gorgousness :). The weather is just starting to turn here in Tassie and we even got rained on twice last month! It’s colder than usual here but the days are pure sunshiny crisp and chilled martini days and I, for one, LOVE them :). Cheers for sharing your wonderful day. If more people shared simple wonderful days like this the world would be in much better shape 🙂

    • Aww thanks! I love simple days chilling out in a park or on the beach. The sunshine makes life more simple, no need for much organising or worrying about anything. I agree everyone should share their days enjoying the sunshine (ps martini days sound amazing!) 🙂

  3. Weather has been bloody awful since then! Glad you liked seeing the oysters and lobsters (the lobsters you saw were actually from Canadian waters but flown over, but the oysters are very local!)

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