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Spinach Powder and Polenta Crispy Coated Tofu


Spinach Powder mixed with dry polenta makes a lovely coating for tofu

Back in February we went to Brighton and I bought some Spinach Powder from ‘The Spice Shop’. I’ve been thinking of simple ways to incorporate it into my cooking and I decided to use it in a polenta coating for tofu first. I didn’t find that it has an over powering taste of spinach but it just adds a lovely bright green colour and adds interest to an otherwise quite bland tofu.

By coating soft tofu in dry polenta before griddling it creates a deliciously crispy coating. If you can’t find spinach powder then you could substitute it with mixed dried herbs or even spices such as paprika (served with chips!).


Spinach powder and polenta could be a great coating for anything including fish and tofu!

This recipe idea is vegan, gluten free and low fat. It is also inexpensive because you only use a small amount of ingredients for the coating.

The method is really simple, mix 2 tablespoons of polenta with 1 tablespoon of Spinach powder and some salt and pepper and spread it out on a plate or a board. Slice and press your tofu then lay it in the powder coating and using your hands rub the polenta all over the tofu.

Heat a hot griddle pan, spray your tofu with some oil and lay your tofu on to the hot pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side turning every minute or so to stop it burning.


I served mine with some paprika stirfried peppers, tomatoes and onions stirred into spaghetti pasta. I felt that the earthy spinach would suit a more rustic dish rather than a stir fry. It would be lovely served on top of a roasted vegetable salad or served in a wrap with peppers and hummous.

I really enjoyed using the spinach powder and I have a few more ideas for the rest of the bag so you’ll be seeing it appear a bit more on here 🙂 I also bought a beetroot powder so I’m excited to give that a go too!

ps I’m watching Masterchef UK as I write this, it’s so inspiring seeing all of the different flavour combinations!

9 thoughts on “Spinach Powder and Polenta Crispy Coated Tofu

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  3. Great minds think alike Annie…I was thinking carrot…sweet potato etc. as well. Beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, whatever you liked! I would guess they would also give colour and flavour to doughs like pizza. I used tomato powder (just dehydrated those home grown suckers till they were crisp then ground them up in my repurposed coffee grinder) in a recent stromboli dough and it turned a gorgeous rich orange colour…time to experiment methinks…the sky is the limit! 🙂 Cheers for the great idea for dehydrating veggies to powder AND this awesome recipe. A double whammy 🙂

    • I was tempted to use this spinach powder in a pizza base so it would be green! It would be great for Halloween hehehe. I have beetroot powder to have a play with too but I’m currently stumped for ideas!!

      • What about pink homemade lasagne pasta and you could make some green as well and can you imagine how gorgeous that lasagne would look? 🙂

        • Your a genius 🙂 I’ve never made pasta dough before I’d have to buy a rolling machine! Little two tone green n pink ravioli would look so cute too!

          • We just roll ours out by hand (our pasta maker gave up the ghost so it was by necessity rather than choice!) and it’s not hard. Imagine how much fun (and how tasty) your homemade pasta will taste if you mess about with a few veggie powders? 🙂

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