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My favourite Snack – Gluten Free Crispbreads: Topping Ideas!

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, although admittedly I have only ever watched the relaunch (Christopher Ecclestone onwards) but I am a bit confused right now! I understand they are playing on the fact that as an audience we have just accepted what they lead us to believe, that Christopher was the next doctor straight after Paul McGann. I understand that they have introduced a doctor who may close a gap between the angry warrior who survived a time war to the loveable friendly doctor we know today. But what I don’t understand is why all the media surrounding it are saying the doctors biggest secret has been revealed….has it!? I think I need to re watch it because I missed it…


Cream cheese, tomatoes, pine nuts, black olives, parsley and organic olive oil

With many tv dramas my favourite episodes are often the ‘filler episodes’ where you get to gain some insight into the characters without much progression in the story. A way to slide in some small details which well help build up to the next chapter.

This post is kind of my filler episode, it doesn’t contribute too much into my journey, there are no new steps in my food story, however it is an insight into something I like to eat when I’m not dressing things up for the blog. This is food I grab when I’m in a rush, or food I enjoy whilst sitting with a cup of tea in front of the telly.


Manuka honey, sliced apple and cinnamon

It’s gluten free crispbreads! I used to eat toast with butter like its going out of fashion but it had no real nutritional value, I would be hungry soon afterwards and it didn’t really satisfy me for the amount of calories it was.

The brand I like is Dietary Specials Gluten Free Crispbreads, they are just light and crunchy and perfect with sweet or savoury toppings.

Pictured here I have firstly cream cheese with chopped fresh tomatoes, black olives, pine nuts, parsley and a drizzle of olive oil. This was perfect as a pre dinner snack to get me really in the mood for a nice evening meal.

I have then shared one of my favourite combinations- Manuka honey, sliced apples and cinnamon. Cinnamon is really good for you and this helped satisfy a sweet craving I was having around 8pm one Tuesday night. I try to not indulge any unexpected cravings during the week, I m very strict! But sometimes it just won’t go away! I felt this was a fairly balanced way to give in.

Next I have another savoury snack, although I actually had this for lunch with a bowl of soup. More cream cheese and black olives!! With pesto, cucumber and a good grind of black pepper and chilli flakes. I put chilli flakes on everything, these are actually from my mums home grown chillies. She gave me a pot of red chilli flakes and then a pot of the dried seeds for when I need more of a kick. I think the red flakes add a lovely warmth and it can be added generously without being over powering. I have to be honest but I haven’t used the seeds as often, scary!!

I shared this on Facebook a while ago and it was pointed out in the comments that it looked like little aliens faces 🙂 I hadn’t noticed that before but now it is all I see when I look at it!


Cream cheese, pesto, cucumber, black olives, black pepper and chilli flakes

Finally mmmm I have my most recent crisp bread topping, crunchy organic peanut butter topped with sliced bananas and strawberries. This was kind of a play on a peanut butter and jam sandwich but when I told people at my work about it they weren’t sure! Trust me it was soo delicious and the flavours worked really nicely together 🙂 I love peanut butter so this is a winner in my eyes hehe.


Crunchy peanut butter, banana and British strawberries

It’s bank holiday Monday tomorrow in the UK, we’ve been up to see Scott’s family this weekend which was really nice and tomorrow we are off to London for the day. I’m returning to the Southbank Real Food Festival to take some photos and eat more delicious food! Last time I went we were spoilt for choice with what to eat and I’ve been counting down to going back again so I can sample more street food! Last time I had some incredible Indian Dosa stuffed with curried potato and a chickpea salad from Horn OK Please but this time I am swaying towards Anna Mae’s South American stall.

What has everyone been up to this weekend? Have you been to the Southbank Food Festival? What’s your favourite snack!?

2 thoughts on “My favourite Snack – Gluten Free Crispbreads: Topping Ideas!

  1. I also love using crisp breads for snacks and light meals! My fave toppings are very similar to yours. Hummus or melted Daiya with cucumber and lots of black pepper. Peanut butter with sliced apple and cinnamon.

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