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Download Festival 2013: The Review!!

After getting back from Download I had a really busy week at work followed by a long party weekend in London for Scott’s brothers birthday! Now I’ve finally stopped the tiredness is sneaking in and I’ve been having really early nights!! It definitely runs true that its only when you stop that the busy times catch up with you.

Saying that the last few weeks of fun have been totally worth it! Download was really great and I stuck to a lot of my food ideas and really enjoyed trying out some of the smaller independent food stalls.

The weather was undeniably better than last year however I did get caught in a very heavy thunderstorm (if you follow me on twitter you may have noticed a few grumpy tweets about my waterproof coat not being storm proof) and the evenings were incredibly cold which made me crawl into bed after admitting defeat to cold bones!

On to the food…. Straight away I want to mention the brilliant ‘Tea and Toast’ van which sold toasties, sandwiches, different kinds of tea and fresh juices. I had been wondering around for about half an hour trying to find a breakfast I fancied and I was actually queuing up at an all day breakfast stall preparing to pay £7 for a bland egg roll when I noticed their menu. They had a veggie bacon roll and I was intrigued! I’ve only ever tried veggie bacon once when I cooked it myself and it was disgusting but I decided to try again with someone else cooking it for me. The roll had veggie bacon, sundried tomatoes, fresh salad and mozzarella. It definitely hit the spot although there was just a tad too much sundried tomato for 8am in the morning for my personal liking.

Such a gorgeously decorated van!

Such a gorgeously decorated van!

We realised quite quickly that not only was the food on these smaller stands much better quality food but also they were cheaper! Instead of a £7 egg roll I paid under £5 for a delicious fresh roll and a cup of tea with soya milk! Perfect.

I have noticed a stall called ‘Deli Kate’ a few times which sell gluten free vegetarian food and there are a lot of rave reviews about it however the queue was always soo long I never got to try it. Maybe next time 🙂

I also managed to keep up with my hot lemon every morning. I had to pay £1 for the cup of hot water each morning but it was worth it. I felt so refreshed and really liked having that vitamin hit after a late night.

And the music? The best band by far this weekend was Iron Maiden, it was the same set that we saw in New York on our honeymoon last year so it may have been the feeling of nostalgia which tipped it to the top spot but it was also because of their introduction. Before they started they surprised the festival with a real spitfire plane flying over the stage. It was truly breath taking and a memory which has stuck with me since, and wow aren’t those beasts loud!!

Iron Maiden had their own ale at the festival which we couldn’t wait to try, even though I am not an ale drinker usually. Look how happy we are!


The other band I want to give a quick heads up to is Slipknot, their energy blew me away I danced so hard my knees nearly gave way! They have been my favourite band for a decade now and so seeing them live again was fantastic.

So that is another festival year done and dusted 🙂 I’m going camping in August so I’m looking forward to trying out some proper campfire cooking!

2 thoughts on “Download Festival 2013: The Review!!

  1. Sounds like a great weekend and love the Tea & Toast van! I really wanted to go to Download this year but just couldn’t afford it. Boo. Maybe next year! 🙂

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