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A Round up of Camping Food Inspiration

I am going camping at the weekend for 4 days on a beach site in North Wales! I have never been camping before except at festivals and once when I was 16 in Cornwall with a big bunch of friends but I had no input towards the planning and I can’t even remember cooking once haha. So yeah, I know it sounds silly but I’ve been struggling to really know what to take!

At festivals it really is just the bare minimum to survive and the food focuses on cheap noodle packets to soak up the warm beer, but for a real camping trip I want to get more into the spirit and try some proper “camping fire” recipes. As with most things I started by googling “vegan camping food”, I don’t know if I’ll stick to 100% vegan but I’d rather start at that point and then add in eggs or cheese if I fancy it.

A recipe which instantly sprung to mind was my banana oat cookies which would provide a filling snack and will keep well in a Tupperware tub. I might try some different flavours and take a variety with me 🙂 these could even be a nice breakfast with some fruit.

Banana, Oat and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Great for a snack or healthy breakfast

I found this great post on “Life by Paige” with a two day vegan camping menu, she has included loads of ideas I had been pondering on myself such as peanut butter sandwiches, bbq breakfast burritos, smores and trail mix.

She shared this amazing looking “smores popcorn” recipe originally posted by Undressed skeleton. I love the idea of adding the flavours of a smore into something a bit lighter like popcorn!


Click image to see the recipe by the Undressed Skeleton!

I also found some great tips over at “The Happy Herbivore” (a great resource for lots of vegan tips) and I loved their Mexican Hobo Pie! I don’t have a pie dish but I could certainly take the inspiration and make a wrap from it yum yum! They also suggest the following staples for your “pantry”:

  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit and fruit salad
  • Trail mix
  • Granola bars
  • Ketchup, mustard, fat-free vegan mayo
  • Tomatoes and lettuce
  • Canned or boxed organic beans
  • Soy dogs or veggie burgers
  • Coffe and non-dairy milk (almond milk)

We don’t have a fridge so I’m wary about taking anything too fresh, I think canned tomatoes/ beans/ corn etc will be great to make into stews and then I will take some salad items for a couple of days then try to buy more fresh stuff for the next 2 days! I hadn’t even thought about items like ketchup/ mustard but yes they are a must so I’ve added them to my list 🙂

My Mexican Corn Salad would be a good one to make for camping as it uses canned beans and corn and jars of salsa which do not need to be refridgerated 🙂


This salad uses store cupboard ingredients such as canned beans and jars of salsa which will keep well without refrigeration.

Finally I absolutely loved this post from “Truth and the Life Blog”, it got me really excited to go camping with the great photos of them all sat around the fire and the step by step guide to cooking a chilli on the fire! I don’t think I will get a chance to cook a big one pot for everyone because I am the only veggie going and so the main meals being shared around will be meaty but you never know!


A Beany Chilli is a great one pot dish perfect for camping!

I love that they recommend putting all your spices into ziplock bags, you could make up your own mixes ready to make stews or jambalaya etc and it even made me think of adding sugar, cinnamon and vanilla into a bag to make french toast mmmm!

I have a much better idea of what sort of foods I want to eat whilst camping now. Breakfasts will include porridge, oat cookies, baked beans and cheese wraps, fruit salads, tofu scramble or omelet. Lunches can be light snacks such as hummous pots with carrots, peanut butter sandwiches, veggie skewers or salads etc. Then dinner is when I assume the fire will get cracked out and we can make chillis, jacket sweet potatoes, bbq veg or en papilotte veg in foil and rice etc.

new potato

I’m not going to do a meal plan as I want to go with the flow and just see what happens but I will definitely go with some specific meals in mind so I can make quick decisions and have everything I need on hand!!

I’d love to hear any camping tips, please comment if you are a camping veteran or someone who has been before hehe. What’s your favourite part of camping? What sorts of foods do you take?

10 thoughts on “A Round up of Camping Food Inspiration

  1. Baked potatoes in the campfire wrapped in foil. Stuff them with baked beans (homemade of course) and anything else…lots of them! 😉 Can you tell I gave up spuds for lent? 😉

  2. I usually took the main three carbs – potatoes, rice and pasta. Invariably a salad. Any of tofu, seitan or tempeh. I also took lentils as they cook fast and usually made them into a curry meal. So yes, I took the basic spices as well. If you’re not backpacking ie walking, then it’s pretty easy to take as much as you want. We have a two-ring gas burner that’s perfectly adequate, it’s just a question of timing everything. And as there’s no rush, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Fresh veg of course. I don’t recall relying on ready made food, but I may have bought tinned beans for chilli for example. But we’ve camped for three or four weeks at a time, so it meant relying on local shops. No fridge. We might have used an eski.

    Have a good trip, enjoy yourself. I love camping.

    • Thank you for the tips! We’re off to buy the food today, luckily were driving there and can have our car by our tent so I don’t have to worry about the weight of cans etc. We only have a little hexi stove and a couple of disposable bbqs but the people were going with have a proper stove too so I’m sure we’ll all share 🙂 very much looking forward to it!

  3. I never went camping, except for Outdoor School at my grade school, hehe! However, I know a few that love camping! But thanks for a list of awesome camping items, I’m going to share them with them! x

  4. This all sounds lovely. I’ve only been camping once as a veggie and those seitan dogs & sausages came in very handy. So did the slices. Veggie kebobs and corn were also delightful. From my breadth of experience (haha), I’d say just have fun! 🙂

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